About Me

"A magazine style blog by a Mummy who adores writing and fashion with a passion."

A mummy to three adorable children who can drive me mad at the best of times but I wouldn't change it for the world.  

A wife to a patient husband who is so laid back he could be laid flat. Perhaps the patience should be on my part. He's hardworking. loving and devoting. 

A phil&teds Ambassador

A cat who takes it upon himself to take trips to London and has too much attitude.

A Post-Natal Depression Survivor 

Follow me on my love of family life, fashion, work, cooking Jamie Oliver style when I have the time and generally being a mummy to my babies. 

Making the best of every situation.

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Before I revived this blog I was a resident blogger for Mountain Buggy. You can see my previous blogs and reviews for the company here.