Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Gucci Belt

Like any typical woman that has her heart set on something I didn't give up on the quest to find the belt for me. I knew I wanted a Gucci one, but I didn't quite want to be like everyone else, hence why I have chosen this Gucci Supreme belt over the much coveted Marmont. If you've hit the link you will also note that this is part of the Men's collection and not women's, like I say it's good to be different!

After hours researching which fit I should go for, I made the decision to actually go in person and try one on and I am glad I did. I wanted a fit that I could sit on high on my waist to funk up some dresses and I wanted it to also sit lower to wear with my jeans. I can't remember how many times I measured at home and my husband will confirm it became irritating. I was coming to the conclusion that I needed a Gucci 85, however what I have bought is a 80 and I am so glad I went and tried.

For reference I wear a size 28 Topshop Jeans and I am generally a size 8-10.

I have also gone against the grain and chosen the Silver buckle, not Gold. All my jewellery is Silver, including my watches- it's just more me. The GG's are also the traditional style and not the Marmont, I felt it was more classic and Gucci as I have always known and loved it. It's not a style that's going to go anywhere, it's the signature emblem on every bag they have done so far (print not brass work), so in my mind it is more timeless.

What will I wear with it? Everything I possibly can!
Am I glad I invested? So far yes! I will get as much wear as I can out of this over the next few years and when you consider how many Topshop belts that you can work your way through, broken down in to cost per wear it's reasonable.

Accessories have the ability to finish an outfit when you quite frankly can't be bothered to try and make too much effort-so for me that's a winner.