Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Quick tips on maintaining the pink pixie!

I'm often asked what I use on my hair and how it is cut and when it was a shade of pink even more so. So here is a quick tip list.

  • If you are dedicated to the cause of keeping your hair short and fresh, find a good barber. Seriously- they are the most experienced when it comes to crops and you will find there is quite a movement behind a retro modern barber shop not far from you. If you happen to be in the area of Hertfordshire, I can wholeheartedly recommend the  Alternative Barbers. Sam is the man behind my cut and Jake is a master at my sons. 
  • Regular keep up- I get my hair cut roughly every 6 weeks
  • Get some decent styling products. I love Small Talk by Tigi Bed Head for a pre blowdry and then the Fudge Membrane Gas has a pretty mean hold. Dry spray can be good for volume at the roots and as a dry shampoo, try the Bouffe or Battisse Volume Spray
  • To switch it up with colour on my highlighted hair I used Rose Shampoo & Conditioner, it will wash out within 2-3 washes and I am currently without it as I am due to be a bridesmaid in 3 weeks for my sister! 
  • When drying your hair try going in the opposite direction when drying the roots, once you have then smoothed it over, flip it back for a quick root boost.
If you are keen to know more, leave me a comment on my @instagram post and I will get a Q&A video up soon. (Working full time, being a mummy and a wife takes a lot of my time up)

Video & Cut Courtesy of @Sam_Campagna

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