Sunday, 12 February 2017

Mothers Wishlist

With Valentines around the corner and Easter Eggs on the shelf, its easy to understand why one other fast approaching event is going to hit many dads with a last minute thud. Mothers Day. In just over a months time (26th March) there should be many spoilt Mummy's, Nanas and Grandmothers on what I hope to be a lovely sunny Sunday. (emphasis on the sunny)

The L'Occitane hand cream that I was gifted over Chirstmas, is down to it's last dregs so I begun a little nosy into the brand and the Mothers Day gift sets caught my eye. However I noticed they do a little more than heavenly body magic. Recently my face seems forever dry and my hands less so with the balm I'm using and it occurred to me that perhaps a new skin routine would be in order. After all shouldn't it be the other way around, hands a little dry and face as smooth as a babies backside? I'm currently using No7 protect and perfect as it's been the only cream I have yet to find that doesn't flare me up. However my skin is still feeling the effects of winter, so I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's used L'Occitane face creams...let me know on my instagram.

It was actually my own Mother that introduced the brand to me, by gifting me with Shea butter for my first bump in an attempt to ward away stretch marks. Sadly it didn't do that as my skin was never going to escape it, however it quite literally softened the blow and I enjoyed the husband massaging my belly and talking to bump. Jeeze that seems so long ago now...three bumps and a two wrinkles on the forehead ago....

Creams, potions and lotions aside, one of my favorite parts of Mothers Day hands down (no pun intended), is my three babies sat around me excitedly giving me the cards that they have handmade. It's times like that when being Mum is worth it, knowing that you are loved and seeing those endless kisses that they have managed to fit on the page.

Every Mummy loves gifts. Hand made or Hand cream. Ideally both, we do love to be pampered and just in case....

Shea Intensive Hand Balm

Personalised Shea Butters Set of 3

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Crushing on fishnet socks

Not updating my wardrobe much right now is challenging and the urge to update with new items coming through is strong. However one cheap update is the good old trashy fishnet, because like it or not trashy is sometimes trendy. I'm a big lover of the rock chick look and this is one update that I will break the ban for- £4

Where to shop?

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Bring on black fishnet socks paired with patent block heels to up the girliness. You'll be buzzing to know your fave slashed-hem jeans are sticking around for another season, but that also means there's another six months of your gran asking why you paid full price for them:


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Crushing on this denim skirt so bad! Looks so cool with a white shirt and a leather jacket. Find a similar skirt here: and here: