Sunday, 17 July 2016

Lets get back to it....pixie progress

So whilst I am an active instagrammer I have totally dropped the ball on my blog. Lets face it, I totally have neglected it and before I have even realised my "Oh I haven't blogged in ageeessss" answer when asked, has turned into over a year. Life is just crazy. So where am I at right now?

Well the pixie grow out is gaining strong momentum, my longing for a bit of hair to touch my cheek has become reality. Now I sigh in admiration at the pinterest and instafamous girls that have a slight flick of movement over their shoulder. Not straight you have to understand, oh and not curly- I'm fussy. I'm talking that perfectly curved, slight-but not curled, shiny collection of immaculately coiffed strands. Collection not greasy lanks, approx an inch in width.

So yeah, I am still not happy.

However this is a quick reply to all those asking me questions.The three below being the most asked!

1) Any tips? PATIENCE! I lost count of the amount of threats to shave my head months back. Keep going it will start to turn a corner! The sides have been the worst to grow down and I still have some way to go. A no1 undercut is funky as hell, but hell to grow out!

2) How do I style it? Uhmm literally wash, use Bed Head TIGI, tip my head upside down and hope for the best! Sometimes I will smooth over it with a round brush and sometimes I don't need to. Sometimes I will curl it with a curling wand add a bit of wax and hairspray. Oh and now.... sometimes I will scrape it back in the smallest ponytail you can imagine, complete with a quiff. If all else fails, then wear a hat! I grabbed a beaut wool vintage trilby this weekend.

3) Have I coloured it? Yep! Despite my hairdresser qualifications I spent years on the home dye. I was left with pretty much black ends and the upkeep of roots. A month ago I had two cleanses done it in the salon and a semi over the top to blend it. I am left with still reasonably dark hair, however it's a lighter brown and next weekend I have my first highlights in years. I'm not aiming for blonde, just a lighter caramel brown.

I promise  aim to get back to blogging in a more regular fashion, but for now let me know what you'd like me to cover off next. Make up, clothes, being mum or home?

Go forth and enjoy Sunday!

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