Friday, 11 November 2016

Winter Basics

With winter seemingly here and the summer wardrobe packed away I'm actually enjoying rocking a bit more leather! As much as I love to be in basics, I love a pop of colour and red is certainly winning this year. Bring on the layers...
If you're looking for a few updates then the below inspo could help!

A few must haves...

A chunky knit
A statement boot
A touch of leopard
A camel coat
A touch of leather

A statement mini
A comfy trainer (my stan smiths are my fave go to's)

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The bandana

I was obsessed with these when I was a teen, in fact it was a bit of a joke....Seeing one pin was enough to get me back on the wagon, you don't need to ask me twice!

One tip.... Keep it simple. I'm wearing mine with my fave Zara dress, round sunnies (& the bandana)from Jolly Brown Vintage and a colour pop red topshop bag.

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Lets get back to it....pixie progress

So whilst I am an active instagrammer I have totally dropped the ball on my blog. Lets face it, I totally have neglected it and before I have even realised my "Oh I haven't blogged in ageeessss" answer when asked, has turned into over a year. Life is just crazy. So where am I at right now?

Well the pixie grow out is gaining strong momentum, my longing for a bit of hair to touch my cheek has become reality. Now I sigh in admiration at the pinterest and instafamous girls that have a slight flick of movement over their shoulder. Not straight you have to understand, oh and not curly- I'm fussy. I'm talking that perfectly curved, slight-but not curled, shiny collection of immaculately coiffed strands. Collection not greasy lanks, approx an inch in width.

So yeah, I am still not happy.

However this is a quick reply to all those asking me questions.The three below being the most asked!

1) Any tips? PATIENCE! I lost count of the amount of threats to shave my head months back. Keep going it will start to turn a corner! The sides have been the worst to grow down and I still have some way to go. A no1 undercut is funky as hell, but hell to grow out!

2) How do I style it? Uhmm literally wash, use Bed Head TIGI, tip my head upside down and hope for the best! Sometimes I will smooth over it with a round brush and sometimes I don't need to. Sometimes I will curl it with a curling wand add a bit of wax and hairspray. Oh and now.... sometimes I will scrape it back in the smallest ponytail you can imagine, complete with a quiff. If all else fails, then wear a hat! I grabbed a beaut wool vintage trilby this weekend.

3) Have I coloured it? Yep! Despite my hairdresser qualifications I spent years on the home dye. I was left with pretty much black ends and the upkeep of roots. A month ago I had two cleanses done it in the salon and a semi over the top to blend it. I am left with still reasonably dark hair, however it's a lighter brown and next weekend I have my first highlights in years. I'm not aiming for blonde, just a lighter caramel brown.

I promise  aim to get back to blogging in a more regular fashion, but for now let me know what you'd like me to cover off next. Make up, clothes, being mum or home?

Go forth and enjoy Sunday!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Spring Updates

The wardrobe has had a facelift, I have outed the old and brought in some new and it feels good. Fancy doing the same but stuck in a rut? Filter through what you already have, be honest and ask yourself when you really did wear it last. I have a terrible habit of keeping hold of an item of clothing that I love, but I haven't worn in months, maybe years. I could have grown a child in that time! 

I have reassed my jeans and whether they do anything for me, replaced with fits that actually work. I have looked at some faves and asked myself why I am not wearing them and what I need to get it to work for me.

Oh and yes. I bought some bits just "coz". On the plus side I have discovered depop, an app where I can sell some bits!

So what are my faves?

1- A hat. You know what, I have toyed with buying a hat for an age. Having short hair meant that it didn't sit right, but now my hair is growing and I have a longer softer fringe I have gone with the "I don't care what people think" attitude. I now have two. 

2- A funky belt. Ahhh a belt, I love me a belt. It can totally change a look! I am in love with my Topshop western belt.

3- A good skinny jean. I have been long in love with Topshop Jamie jeans, as quite frankly they hold in what being a mama gave me! What I have just discovered though is the Cain fit.... Oooh I likey! I have tried River Island and not got on well at all and well we won't even go there with good old Levis!

4- A jacket. This is where I struggle. "A" jacket doesn't work for me, I have an addiction I know, but a jacket really can make an outfit pop. I am totally in love with my new yellow- yes yellow- biker jacket, as it really stands out against the blacks that I love to wear! Oh and then there is my all saints biker, this is a beaut! I have pined after a soft real leather biker for some time and I finally got my mitts on one, the hard work is paying off!

5- Boots. I live in boots. Like the jackets I have an issue here. I just find them far too appealing. I have been looking for something different and my new Topshop ( I know there is a theme here, but unfortunately I have had no help from them!) The square toe gives them a retro twist and less squashed toes, the soft leather means they are super comfy, the sock style around my ankle means they totally work with uhmmm everything and then the heel.... Well the heel is to die for, they stand out. Another fave pair of mine are the burgundy buckle boots above. -Yes these are Topshop too.

I could go on, I really could. But I will leave it there!