Thursday, 5 November 2015

The daughter picks..... Leather Boots and Wellies

To expect my daughter to not have her own mind would be ludicrous. Quite rapidly she is growing to be quite the little "tween" and I am undelibaly enjoying how much she looks up to me right now. On the basis that I live in ankle boots, she has outgrown her Dr Martens AND it's her birthday coming up, she was naturally going to ask for boots.

She knows her way around the laptop so well now, that she will search out for her very own thing. 

I was actually quite impressed with her picks.... Just like me, she has her own mind and rather than go for the standard Kids UGG boot she went for buckles.... This girl really is like her Mummy! If those are a bit of out the budget especially with it being so close to Christmas, then these Wrangler Ankle Boots will fit the bill pretty well too! Leather, ready for lots of wear and only £40, in fact Jones the Bootmaker have quite a good collection of children's footwear!

Of course seeing her do this and realising it had been quite some time since I had posted a kiddy look, I jumped on polyvore and got sucked in deep to the world of online shopping.....

Untitled #76

Untitled #74

Untitled #75

Just a quick update..... Mummy was searching out Wellies and came across these Hunters on Shoetique they are at £29.50 and not only a great statement wellie they are reduced!
Untitled #77

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