Thursday, 15 October 2015

Mamas and Papas Liberty

Obviously I am a Mum and quite obviously if you look at the latest images of the children and I, it's also quite obvious that I no longer need pushchairs. That being said I had the chance to see a pretty cool new collection from Mamas&Papas. Now this is not any collection, this is a Liberty collection.

If I go back 11 years ago, I was in the process of choosing my first pushchair for Scarlette. Typical me I knew what I wanted and I couldn't have loved my first pram more. The mamas&papas pramette. 

For that reason mamas&papas are pretty close to my heart and well Liberty.....well Liberty is Liberty right?

Firstly this is collection isn't just about prams, it's also some pretty amazing outfits too. Oh and then we have the blankets....the outfits....well they just blow my mind. If this little bow tie and shirt outfit had fitted my little man, then he would firmly be wearing it!

Obviously Liberty was the only place that this collection was going to be launched and I forgot just how much I love the store in general. The launch was bespoke, cute, trendy and so very now. I have already gifted a friend from the collection and I can honestly say that had I had a little one or a bump on board, I would be looking right this way!

You can check out more of the collection here...

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