Friday, 4 September 2015

TIBA & MARL Launch Party

I love a great brand, I love when passion meets fashion and I love even more so when you see Mothers achieving their dreams. That's why I love TIBA&MARL.

These girls have only just started what is going to be the beginnings of something awesome. What's more the girls are awesome too.

Now I may well be outside the changing bag community, but these bags are for MUMS. So I still count- plus they have the coolest bumbag I ever did see!

With the gorgeous Eimea modelling for the look book, it was going to be modern motherhood all the way The brand fits in a space which hadn't been filled til now, cool, practical and so now.

The launch couldn't have been a more suited place than the trendy Shoreditch sponsored by the awesome, with the company of the mini edit, support of their mothers meetings friends and room full of fashionable parents and happy kids. As always I only wish that this brand had been born when my little ones were "little-er" and when I needed to feel trendy the most.

Girls take a bow, job well done!


  1. Why didn't they have such cool bags around when I had smalls? These look fab!

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