Friday, 11 September 2015

A womans prerogative

Ever had that feeling that you just totally don't match what's cool. The feeling of looking around and having the urge to fix up.

It sucks right?

It's a woman's prerogative to have this "feeling" in her life at least once every few months. Minimum. For me it's now. Right now. It's a long awaited wetting the baby's head (yes it's a thing for women too) girls night out coming up this weekend and I CAN.NOT.WAIT. One problem. Nothing hidden in the depths of my wardrobe possibly feels as though it makes the cut. My hair is far from a glam blow dry that screams body, glossy and va va voom. The only thing screaming body right now is my netball injury. Yep I have even reached that point in motherhood that I have "gone back" to netball.

Leather leggings on me feel mutton. I feel tragic and yet I am only 30. Hormones have plenty to answer and my 9 year old going on 18  is testament to this.

Fast forward a hair dye jobby and a purchase and I am eering more to the side of rocking the mums night out. Leather leggings are feeling more appeal-able as I can't be bothered to shave my legs.

All women should have that one friend who can give you the "shut up you idiot" talk. I have a few of these beauts in my life. I've had a few of those talks too. <grabs phone>

Hangs up.

Whoop girls night out, I am going to smash this up like the party of the year. Legs out- natch. I'll even shave for the occasion, legs are tanned after all. The ankle will have to make do with the heels, I will just do a resting position "à la tired horse" and the wine will soon make me forget.

Lets show those teens how it's done. Mama style.



Who said that women are to read?

Remember girls. It's our prerogative. We have super powers that enable us to have multiple personalities.


  1. Girl! Shake that funk off. You are damn beautiful and rock it always. Take it from your 34 year old friend ;) xx

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