Friday, 21 August 2015

Holiday Blues

It's amazing how quickly a holiday can go, especially so when it felt like you had been counting down for forever!

Back to the real world with a bump, a leak, two and a half more weeks to survive the school holidays as a full time working mum and I am broke. I'm not sure what I am upset about the most. Probably being broke seeing as my ELLE 20% off at ASOS card is staring me out- I blinked first, to wipe away the tears.

Naturally I have a million photo's ready to share on my DSLR, but I am patiently waiting to show family first. You know like the good old days, when we sent off a reel to develop. Only this time around I have pre approved what is acceptable and there are no random red-eye, half talking, dopey eye, white knickers on show, I am not ready yet shots. I deleted those.

On the plus side my body is tanned and looking healthy, even if the larger amounts of Mateus wine (Couldn't find NZ Sav for love nor money) would perhaps suggest otherwise. The children enjoyed their first trip on a plane and we didn't have any fall outs. My husband and I are loved up in one another all the more, perhaps because we look pretty good with our new found glows.

One thing that I have come away feeling pretty great about is me. That's right myself. Maybe it's because I relaxed and have developed a "I don't care anymore" attitude in my 30's, I don' know. What I do know is that I have never felt so at ease with my body post children. I've accepted it. Stretch marks are real, just as real as these three kids that grew inside my body. It blows my mind.

So here is to acceptance. That and a bit more of that Mateus stuff....