Friday, 22 May 2015

Those Striped Palazzo Trousers.....

Remember the blog post of me pining for some? If not the link is HERE!

Well I finally got my mitts on some! Thankyou River Island! Be prepared for me to be wearing these all over my instagram with every top and shoe going!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Lace up shoes!

Whilst this post make look like I am being endorsed by Next, I can assure you I'm not! It's just ordering quickly with them, when I'm in need of a wardrobe pick me up is pretty easy.

I needed shoes, I live in and love my ankle boots but for all day they're beginning to become a bit hot and hey I'm not going to complain on the rise of temperature!

I came across these awesome shoes and oh my "G" they're so comfy. I want them in grey too. I have had so many compliments on them, that I had to share here! Forty squids and you can wear them with like....everything!

Go forth and buy! LINK HERE :)

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mothers Day with Next

It's amazing how fast time will fly. Before you know it, weeks have passed before you last saw your loved ones. Life becomes crazy. Unbelievably for myself this very thing has happened to me and I have not seen my Mum since before I was in New Zealand. Life quite literally has gotten crazy and I am almost done with playing catch up.

Just before I went away England celebrated Mothers Day and Next contacted me with the most amazing treat. A beautiful bunch of flowers for my Mum, a beautiful hamper for me and a Afternoon Treat for us both with thanks to the Red Letter Day vouchers that they feature- something I had no idea they did and will be sure to remember for the future when I have zero time to plan a pressy! I booked something a bit different to the usual and found La Suite West, a vegan offering in Bayswater.

My beautiful mother received her beautiful flowers, I received my amazing hamper and we got Afternoon Tea booked. Fast forward a few weeks to today and ironically it's Mothers Day in the USA and therefore was the perfect day to have our belated day together.

With the weather finally picking up, West London was in fine form today and we had such a lovely, much needed catch up. For me my mother is my best friend, my inspiration and I always say "if I am half the woman that she is, I will be a happy girl" so I can't think of  a better person to have shared today with.

Thankyou Next for our fantastic treat and thankyou Mum for the brilliant company. My jumpsuit can be found HERE, bag HERE and necklace HERE. Ironically my mother wore a Next jumpsuit of her own accord without her knowing I was wearing mine, hers can be found HERE. She looks pretty damn hot if I say so myself!

You can find the gift experience with Next HERE