Sunday, 1 March 2015

London Fashion Weekend with Canon

So London fashion week pretty much takes over and it is coming to an end this weekend. As a pretty fashion and London lover it's pretty insane that it has taken me up until now to even get to the shows. However the uber lovely Canon crew changed that for me and I was picked as 1/4 to go along to a show, learn a bit about photography, Canon and be in the photographers pit. Pretty awesome right?

Outnet had the trend show on and below is a bit of a taster as to what to expect, but if you are as addicted to magazines as much as I am, then you will be pretty clued up that Monochrome, Metallic's, Floral's and the 70s are having a moment!

I had and absolute blast, the camera was amazing, the clothes were amazing and after all this fun I shot off to meet my crazy bunch of blogger friends. All in all a pretty awesome weekend!





  1. Brill photos Hollie and thanks for the camera master class yesterday x

  2. Oh gosh Hollie - you must have had a ball! You must be so pleased with the photos! They're fab! My favourite ones are the ones of the brown sandals and that last pic "The End"!

    1. It really was fun, fell Perfectly for timing too with me already being in London!

  3. Those are some fabulous photos! Love that purple fringed skirt, and the leaf print dress. In fact I could quite happily find a space for all of that little lot in my wardrobe! Well done on winning the comp, what a brilliant opportunity xx

  4. Hollie these photos are amazing, I went to the same outnet fashion show the night before and I am not joking you make the clothes look so much better than they looked in real life at the show (and then they were pretty awesome) that must be the sign of an amazing photographer. The way you have shot and framed the photos is perfection, really really well done you are a complete natural! Xx

    1. Thankyou Frances! I absolutely love taking photos, I just need more time! Xx

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