Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Post Christmas Blues....pick me ups!

If you don't have this situation right now....."Who are you!? What's your secret!?" We've all pretty much over indulged over the festive period and are perhaps like me feeling the after effects right now. Crappy dull skin with possible outbreaks looming, bloated, tired, wondering where the time went and perhaps wondering how quickly that next pay day will come when it feels sooooo long away!

I have acted on the above, sorted my hair, got a new moisturiser, drinking lots of water and retreating back to my normal eating habits. I am yet to get back to exercise but I am already dreading it! I feel like my sense of style has gone awol and so therefore have been taking inspiration from the ever helpful pinterest, a great way to recreate an outfit from items long unworn!

The moisturiser is working a treat (oil of olay complete care)!

Need some inspo? Keep it simple and let your accessories and coat to the talking.


I was in need of new foundation but with Christmas leaving me pretty skint, my budget wasn't going to stretch to Laura Mercier or even MAC ( I kind of needed a new lippy too). My sister was raving about Rimmels Wake Me Up foundation and boots had it on offer and you know what, I am really impressed! Great coverage, kind of gives you a glow without looking shiny and yet it feels really light! Thumbs up.

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  1. January is the longest month ever when it comes to waiting for Payday! I love your outfit & you've totally nailed it by letting accessories do the talking! x