Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Gwen Stefani- Steal her style

I don't have a woman idol as such, for me that would be my mum. I do however has a serious style crush on Gwen, I love her edginess. She works such a mix up of looks but her personality stays true with each, she creates her own style. By no means am I comparing myself to her (a girl can dream right) but I try to just go with what I like, if I feel comfortable and feel I look great in what I am wearing then that's enough for me!)

Lesson 1- Sunglasses.

Hides many a sleepless night or hangover for those very rare nights out.
Failing the above teamed with a bright lipstick she looks awesome. You could have the plainest of outfits on, but with hair sorted, lippy on and sunnys in place, you look ready to rock your day!


Now this is where I struggle having short hair. Although I've been getting a fair amount of use from my bobble hat! 

No need to worry that you haven't washed your hair in a few days and that the dry shampoo can is running on low

Again makes a very simple throw it on outfit look great. 

The Checked Shirt

If you steal your other halfs even better (I shrunk my husbands-not purposely!) 

Weekends when you want to chill but look like you did care slightly. 

Around the waist in warmer weather or worn with a loose vest underneath. Just make sure you vamp up your lips and wear some kind of statement shoe. Otherwise it could possibly be bordering on just jumping out of bed-even if you did!

A Statement Jacket-

If you need to dress up that bit more, a great fitted jacket, more lippy, vamp heels and simple black leather leggings are faultless! 

Just keep the top underneath simple or plain! 

The Simple Vest-

In the summer I live in these. For winter you absolutely will freeze, so a good biker jacket or faux fur is your port of call!

If you have one where your bra is on show then please remember not to show a greying white bra! I have a thing about wearing black with a white top and a coloured one with a black top.

Black Lace-

I don't think that I need to explain this one? Black is slimming. Lace is classy. Simples!

gwens style

Boots//Brantano Sunglasses//Topshop Shirt//Topshop Vest// Topshop

gwen style

leggings//Topshop  top//h&m  hat//asos

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