Monday, 22 December 2014

OUTFIT: Keeping it simple in socks

OK I will say it right now- I've been shocking on the blogging front. The reason being that life has picked up at top speed. I have just had the most amazing birthday and I have been spoilt rotten! I have sat on the sofa and have 20 mins to spare, so I figured I would use that to share a post before I hit the new year having not bothered!

I have a real soft spot for over the knee socks and I appear to be wearing them to death right now, that and black dresses. I just picked up this fantastic black denim dress, I love the zip detail and I love how versatile it can be. Jewellery has become my way of making an outfit too recently and for my birthday I was very lucky to add to my Pandora collection, plus get an awesome Daniel Wellington watch. ( told you I was lucky). It's a pretty easy look and if you are not brave enough for the over knee socks or feel that they are just not appropriate then grab yourself a pair of tights and knee boots! I wear my socks with my ASH ankle boots should you wish to go for an ankle boot instead.

My hair being the style it is I always look as though my outfit is complete (don't forget your lippy!) If you're hair is longer, why not loosely curl it or wack it up in a pretty topknot. Your outfit can be as simple as this but it is the details that make it. Enjoy!

Bit of a different outfit image as I was playing about with my amazing new camera! (Sony a6000)