Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Coats...Brighten up your A/W wardrobe!

Winter is arriving and my coat fetish is reaching it's peak again! My problem is that I get bored quick but alas, my sister came to the rescue. I love my black Topshop teddy fur coat in black, but this version is just me all over right now. 

A new coat is an easy way to add interest to what you may feel is a boring wardrobe, especially if it is something away from the "norm"

The hubby reckons I have plenty of coats....but there is always room for more!

Plenty of deals about on coats right now too...I am seriously crushing on the below right now!!



  1. Love love love the first Next one. Gone are the days when we just had one big coat. The yellow looks seriously good on you Hollie x

    1. Have you seen it in store? it's very nice! they do a gilet version too! Thanks chick! x

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