Monday, 27 October 2014

Grey Jogger Quest

I know, it's a catchy title right? I don't know how such a boring colour can give me so much stress. For some time now I have been searching for what is quite possibly impossible. I want a fitted pair of grey joggers, I don't want my crotch at my ankles though. They have to be the right hue of grey too, yes you read that right. Why do I want them? 1- because I can't find them. 2-just because. 3-comfort and style. 4. I love grey

I have had my eye on this Whistles pair for some time but the price tag left my eyes watering. HOWEVER they have 30% off at the moment AND I have a £25 off voucher, bringing them from £75 to £27. I didn't get them though.


Then we have Topshop. £25 and comfy but just Meh. I've tried Zara, H&M and Primark. My Mum has some great ones from Next at £18, maybe I will try them next. Excuse the pun.


  1. It's almost as bad as finding the perfect pair of jeans ... and you have to factor in the whole bagging at the knees at some point as well. Tell me when you find them!

  2. Uniqlo have some great ones, I've got the ones below in a couple of colours & they are fab!

    1. Yes they were OOS when I was in store and wanted to try them on! I will be back there soon, so will try again! Thanks Sian :)

  3. Have you see the ones at Tesco? Yes, Tesco I kid you not!,4,shop,catgwomens,womens-trousers