Thursday, 14 August 2014

Laid Back Luxe Styling with Espirit

I have noticed that my style has what I would say "finally found itself". I have reached a point where I know what I like, I know what is me and I am confident in what I wear. Although I don't have to be "dressy-dressy" for work, I do have to dress smart and I manage ( I hope) to have my style come through. However when the weekend hits I love to have some comfort and effortless styling. Right now I like a slogan t-shirt, comfy harem like bottoms, a touch of denim, bright lippy, BB Cream and of course some aviators. That's me in simple comfort but feeling great.

The high street is where I would normally head to and whilst I was in London (so HOT!) for work recently I passed Espirit. I have read a few bits online and seen the odd item pop up in mags that I read so I popped in. It had been years-literally I was pregnant with my 8.5yr old at the time-since I had mooched in store so I had a quick peek. I guess because they are not on the everyday local high streets or shopping centres I had forgotten them. I have to say though I was surprised, I found some fab buys right up my street and very reasonable too, which is always a winner for me. I love a bargain! What trendy mumma doesn't!?

Espirit laid back luxe

             oh yeah t-shirt//real thing vest//casual jersey bottoms//denim waistcoat//aviators//watch


  1. ADORE this look and inspiration from Esprit is ace! It's one of my favourite stores when visiting London (Oxford Street)

  2. Everything is so you there Hollie. What a brilliant selection Esprit has. I love your personal style by the way. You always look so effortless and GORGEOUS xxx

  3. Love this laid back style, off to have a look at their website
    Abbi x

  4. Love the pieces you have selected from Espirit, love the laid back look and you are looking cool as always x

  5. This is such a cool laid back but stylish selection Hollie & I love shops that cater for everyone & Esprit seem to have it sussed perfectly atm! Ax

  6. What are your top picks for A/W. Am after some staples - primary school teacher so nothing too structured, yet no denim as spend far too much time crawling around on the floor! thoughts? X

    1. I'll have a think and put together some looks. Keep your eyes peeled! X

  7. Great thanks am looking forward to it! Need some inspiration

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