Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Frame Chain

I am addicted to wearing my sunglasses because I'm quite frankly a diva! The lovely Frame Chain had obviously caught on to my divaness and offered me the chance to review a chain. I chose the Gold Roller Chain and I will be honest I was a tad unsure on whether I would wear it. It's a difficult product to choose online having not tried it. I took a leap of faith though and I will be honest when I say I like it!

Once I got over that feeling of having the chain there when I was wearing my glasses I was sweet as with them. At first I wasn't sure if I looked granny like tbh! They absolutley came into there own when my boy decided he needed the toilet now asap and I had to grab him and run. For the first time in forever I didn't almost drop my sunnies down the loo!! They are also no longer getting abuse in my bag-no one has time for the tiny silky bag Topshop give you-well I don't anyway! The chain gets a big thumbs up for me and is for far from the granny image I had in my head that it couldn't be any cooler. Well worth the leap of faith and any new business in the UK deserves lots of success. So if you are looking to keep your glasses safe - Spesh if you forked out a small fortune. Definitely take a look into these awesome guys!


  1. Fab idea but you would look great in a binliner Hollie! Ax

  2. See when I go skiing I wear mine (rope not chain) and don't think anything of it. Secretly I would love one for my specs as I keep losing them but I might look like a right old granny. I'm now actually having second thoughtsmafter seeing you in yours (not that I'm as cool as you) x

    1. One-You ski. That's so cool. Lol
      Two-don't be you're cool.

      On a serious note they are pretty awesome!

  3. I'm so with Andrea.You could make anything look cool!x

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