Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Schools Out!

For me this summer holiday will be a tad different as I am juggling working into the mix. Eeek! My baby has left nursery now too so full time school and a 40hr week is looming upon us come September. Can't believe that the three bubbas are growing so fast. Life is changing all the time and the next steps are upon us. How I will keep all the balls juggling in the air I don't know, but it will all be good. Lots of support helps us lots.

Netball also steps up now as my team have entered the league. Absolutely can't wait! Not only am I enjoying staying fit, I am enjoying spending time with a great bunch of girls including my sister in law. Keeping fit hasn't been this fun in a long time!

I am also involved in a couple of projects starting soon, one fun with fashion and one that's incredibly personal but will outreach to help others. Stay tuned!

Baby boy broke up one day earlier than the girls, so I have spent a day off with the little man having fun and being silly mumma!

I will never tire of staring at this little man....

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  1. Such gorgeous pics ... and I can see why you love to stare at such a lovely little face! Good luck with the juggling x