Friday, 25 July 2014

History Live with the English Heritage

I've made no secret in my past blog posts on how much I enjoy getting out and about with the kids. If you follow me on instagram (@madamehols) you will see we are pretty busy with days out. Our National Trust and English Heritage memberships have been priceless for us and really come into their own and with the summer holidays starting they will be sure to get even more use!

This Sunday just gone was another event with the EH, this time on a larger scale. Everything history in one big mash up. Give me a cup of coffee, street style food, history and room for the kids to explore and have fun and I am won over. Our absolute highlight has to be the D-Day enactment with Spitfires in the mix. Absolutely amazing. Beats Universal Studios any day. I didn't grab any pics of this as 1) my phone died and 2) I couldn't look away-sometimes the memory in your mind is enough.

On top of the lot of it I got two beaut new necklaces that the man made in front of me once I chose my own stones. Lovely jubbly!

Worlds worst at choosing...

One with my Mummy! (the wind didn't help my hair in this picture!)


  1. We had a fab time there as well, just sitting down to blog about it now!! My boys had two days with no arguments, no tears and actually enjoyed being brothers for the first time in a long while. We did two days and it was well worth the extra £5 and a night in a tent. Spitfire was the highlight and the only thing they wanted to do on both days!

  2. You always seem to have such great family days out Hollie! I love spending days out with the kids too! I've often thought about getting a NT family membership & should really go for it! Ax