Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Essentials mag and Monti

A few outfits from this week and my fave new wardrobe staple (ever) my Topshop Monti2 boots. I think I have worn them everyday since buying them, it's love! 

boots topshop*socks primark

top river island*vintage american skirt*topshop boots

topshop boots*matalan dress*next belt

topshop tshirt*topshop skirt*topshop boots

topshop dress*topshop boots

and of course I always have my eyes on something...... Topshop (i know i know) tshirt. too cute!

Finishing up...look who's in the Essentials Magazine, take a peek at Marlene from Cookies & Candies and myself  in this months edition (July)


  1. Love your new boots Hollie & you look amazing in all these outfits! Congratulations on the Essentials post too! Ax

  2. You always look stunning! Your hair and makeup is perfect! Congrats on the magazine photo too - well deserved! Xx

  3. Hi Hollie, loving your blog, so full of good ideas! A short while you posted about a Mac eyeshadow which was matte and neutral in colour. It looked awesome. Could you let me know its name please? Thanks x

    1. Hiya! Sorry for the late reply. Was it a brownish one? I am loving my MAC Wedge one for definition. Hope that helps :) x

  4. Thanks, will go and have a look....going to Mac is like visiting the sweet shop! x

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