Sunday, 11 May 2014

My Eyebrows!

Everyone asks about my eyebrows and how I do them... so....

I shape them myself, not exactly the fullest that they could be as over plucking as a teen has affected them,  but I like the shape.

What do I use? My MAC angled brush, an old black rimmel eyeshadow and my battered Benefit eyeshadow duo. Basically this means I can get them as dark or light as I need. I also use high brow by Benefit.

That's it. Nothing else.

I tend to start filling in at the middle over my arch. The small angled brush means you can control if nicely.

Finishing up at the start and making sure my ends towards hair line are symmetrical! I then go over the rest of my face and add my lippy. I can't not have lippy!


  1. I dream of brows like that - wow

  2. I wish my eyebrows looked like yours even without any make-up! Well jel! x

  3. Brilliant - just what I am trying to do but my brows are much thinner than yours boo:(

    1. There are products you can buy to encourage growth? Think its by HD? x

  4. Great tips! But even with all the make-up mine could not look this full! Looking fab:)

  5. Eyebrow envy Hollie, your make up always looks amazing! I've made a mess of mine - showing my age but I think it was the whole 1990's thing when the thin ones were in fashion #eyebrowregrets

    1. Pretty sure HD eyebrow kits have something that helps them grow? Maybe try that? (and thankyou) x

  6. They are rather magnificent! xx

  7. Love your eyebrows!! I fill mine out quite a lot, but one is naturally lower than the other and it bugs the hell out of me, and it's what I focus on first in photos- yours are perfectly symmetrical!!

    1. Sometimes I feel like they're not... I frown too much lol x

  8. I remember my mum complaining about my Brooke Shields eyebrows when I was a teen. Thanks to that, I never attempted to make them thinner - you know, acting rebel doing the opposite mum says. Now I have brows to be proud of. I use same tools as you, only difference is the brow powder, I use a duo from Mac which comes in a dark shade and a light one to add light under the brows. The result is amazing.
    By the way, I love your blog and Instagram.

    1. Thano you! That actually helps me as my benefit one is discontinued and it's almost gone! I'll check mac at your mum too! Thanks for following :)

    2. We have similar brow colour, so hope this helps :-)
      Mac reference is: Brow shader Maple/Soft charcoal
      It lasts forever! bought this one like 3 years ago! hope it is not discontinued though

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