Sunday, 20 April 2014

When a try isn't a buy!

Looks great on the hanger but not in the changing room, annoying right? I found this last week in Topshop. Beautiful pink jumper loved it then tried it and then didn't love it so much. I love the "look" but the material felt it would bobble in seconds and I wasn't sure that the £30 price tag warranted the top.

Next up was the beautiful cream open knit jumper, I've been eyeing this up for weeks. Tried it and it's a hmm.... I'm just not sure and at £38, I wanted to be sure. I had something similar and sold it last year on one of my clear outs. Gutted.

Next was a smock dress that I had also had eyes on for weeks. Perfect for biker boots and jacket. I tried it and felt stoooopid. Firstly it looked huge and didn't do any justice, or did it? I still love it.

Lastly was a cute check top and leopard skirt. The skirt would have been a yes, had it not been for the zip that ran the whole way down the back, if I wanted to strip quick in the street then this was the skirt for it. The top however I loved and I got it. However I'm now uhmming and ahhing.

So there we have it, changing room dramas. Lesson one- hang on to classics. Lesson two- don't fall in love with clothes so easy!


  1. I love the top that you finally bought. It is a pity about the skirt because that looks fab too. H xx

    1. Yes I was disappointed as it was a very "easy" zip top. Tops cute though, I like it. X

  2. The dress is really really really cute - I love that on you

  3. I'm with the girls. Love the top. Shame about the skirt. And really love that dress on you ... are you sure it's not a keeper??

    1. Aghh maybe I should try on a "happy hollie" day!

  4. Love the smock dress. I think that looks really nice on you but can see why you might think it looks biggish - I think its the pattern. Its a bit of an optical illusion.
    Love love love the skirt and top together - they are sooo nice. Definite thumbs up for the top !

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