Monday, 21 April 2014

MAC buys and a Boho look to copy!

Ok when it comes to make up, I'm weak. Just a quick share on my latest "loves"

1- cover up concealer- I love this! It stays put and it covers brilliantly.
2- ruby woo- I'm an absolute crazy lady for lipsticks and this and below has just hit my top list of faves. Ruby woo is a brilliant bluey matte red, that's just to die for.
3 - lady danger- my mum wore this and I had to have it! An amazing orangey red colour that is also matte and really pops
4- there's a pattern of 'matte' emerging here I know, but this is great to shade and define with a liner

It was my mum who introduced me to lippy and therefore my husband can blame her!

Also a quick outfit post, I'm loving socks right now so I utilised a breezy sunny day with some knee highs. A cream chiffon dress, boots and a denim jacket. Totally Boho!


  1. Gorgeous - I love MAC lippys too - I wear Ladybug a lot - which is a reddy-brown. Now tell me how you do those brows! xx

    1. Next post I shall do a brows one. I need more time! Xx

  2. I love a make up post! Up until last summer (when she retired) I've been dead lucky for make up because my mum worked for Chanel at Manchester airport for years. One of her friends worked for Mac so they used to do 'swapsies'. I honestly think they do the best lippies for colour. My husband and I almost cried this last Christmas because the perfume and make up presents were a bit low on the ground :-) xxx

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