Monday, 21 April 2014

MAC buys and a Boho look to copy!

Ok when it comes to make up, I'm weak. Just a quick share on my latest "loves"

1- cover up concealer- I love this! It stays put and it covers brilliantly.
2- ruby woo- I'm an absolute crazy lady for lipsticks and this and below has just hit my top list of faves. Ruby woo is a brilliant bluey matte red, that's just to die for.
3 - lady danger- my mum wore this and I had to have it! An amazing orangey red colour that is also matte and really pops
4- there's a pattern of 'matte' emerging here I know, but this is great to shade and define with a liner

It was my mum who introduced me to lippy and therefore my husband can blame her!

Also a quick outfit post, I'm loving socks right now so I utilised a breezy sunny day with some knee highs. A cream chiffon dress, boots and a denim jacket. Totally Boho!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

When a try isn't a buy!

Looks great on the hanger but not in the changing room, annoying right? I found this last week in Topshop. Beautiful pink jumper loved it then tried it and then didn't love it so much. I love the "look" but the material felt it would bobble in seconds and I wasn't sure that the £30 price tag warranted the top.

Next up was the beautiful cream open knit jumper, I've been eyeing this up for weeks. Tried it and it's a hmm.... I'm just not sure and at £38, I wanted to be sure. I had something similar and sold it last year on one of my clear outs. Gutted.

Next was a smock dress that I had also had eyes on for weeks. Perfect for biker boots and jacket. I tried it and felt stoooopid. Firstly it looked huge and didn't do any justice, or did it? I still love it.

Lastly was a cute check top and leopard skirt. The skirt would have been a yes, had it not been for the zip that ran the whole way down the back, if I wanted to strip quick in the street then this was the skirt for it. The top however I loved and I got it. However I'm now uhmming and ahhing.

So there we have it, changing room dramas. Lesson one- hang on to classics. Lesson two- don't fall in love with clothes so easy!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Style Steals

Ignoring the fact that Kate is in serious need for new boots, her and Sienna have got this breton and check layer thing down to a T. I'll be tapping into this look!

A quick outfit post from moi...
Top matalan
Jeans h&m
Loafers next

A bit later on today I nabbed my mums new louche quilted sweatshirt which you can find on 
...sadly I've had to give it back!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Impulsive me

I'm a person who I guess could be called impulsive. I don't plan much, I just do. Growing up, I guess my mum was much the same. We would very often have a mystery tour, a picnic on the downs for tea, or often a holiday down to the coast. I remember being picked up from school and her car would be rammed to the brim ready to cart us off on our next adventure. So I suppose I'm following suit. Our current trip to Cornwall was a complete surprise to our children,  we woke them at 4am Monday to whisk them away. I hope that will never change and I hope that I'll continue to give them the memories they will treasure.

I do however wish I was less impulsive in Topshop and sometimes perhaps didn't get that extra top and hold out instead for matching underwear for instance! Or good skincare products rather than even more make up. After all what's underneath makes a difference to what's on top right?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Flick it right!

I am often asked how I get my eyeliner flick and the amswer I always give is practice! However I've just stumbled on this and I couldn't not share! I've not tried it myself but it looks handy!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Brogues, Brogues, Brogues

I'm still on the subject of shoes, boring I know. Annoying too. For me that is. I have been eyeing up the Clarks brogues for what seems forever and they have just got some new colours in which have added to the mix. But what and how exactly do you wear brogues? Well I like to wear my loafers with pretty much anything, but since my pinterest levels are at all time high at the moment I figured I would share some looks. Oh and maybe convince myself that I really do need to add to the collection!

Moi in my loafers for more inspiration and if that's not enough check back on my posts here or here. Still not enough check out my lovely blogger pals in their brogues!

The lovely "What Lizzy Loves".....

The lovely Frances from "Schoolrun Style"......

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Socks and Shoes

No I'm not talking of wearing socks with your boots or your trainers and I'm not talking about tourist climber stylee either. I'm on about the socks and sandals or socks and heels look. I have a bit of a girl crush on how Fearne Cotton dresses so I can blame her!

So this brings me to my hunt of a pair of shoes that look good with socks, comfortable and can be worn for days off and on work. Simple right? Nope. I'm thinking something that is chunkier will work best and because I wan't some support through the day, perhaps a wedge style. Watch this space!

My husband will hate this next option that takes me back to my childhood years.... the JuJu sandal!

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