Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Mountain Buggy Nano

"the what?!" some of you may be thinking. The "Nano".

Some of you that follow me on Twitter and Instagram will be aware that I am now back at work and that my job role is with the fantastic bunch at phil&teds and Mountain Buggy. So with a seriously hot product about to hit stores very soon, in my car boot and my buggy days almost-well they pretty much are-over (personally of course), I obviously had to take advantage. I started my blogging life with Mountain Buggy themselves when Baby boy was a baby and long before I worked for the company.

The Nano is so different to what we have seen from Mountain Buggy so far and it's going to cause a commotion! Why? Take a peek over here.... and be sure to take a peek at the video too.

However just in case you are pushed for time and you love the clothes I wear as much as you love a stylish buggy, the Nano will come in three colours, take up to 20kgs in weight (my boy is 4 and he's a solid little man now), take a infant carrier without buying adapters, is only 5.9kgs in weight, 56cms wide, fits in the overhead locker of a plane and tiny car boots, folds and unfolds in the most amazing way (seriously watch the vid!) and it's rrp of £199!

Absolutely true to the Mountain Buggy- Highly maneuverable- I pushed my little soldier at speed with one hand around a packed Milton Keynes, I love to shop. I'm a woman on a mission.- Adaptable- to any situation, whether it be travelling or just needing a space saving pushchair for that adorable mini you may have!- Durable- It's solid, this is no umbrella fold pushchair, it's engineered for the mountains and designed for the city- Simple- simple in functionality and keeping its simply stylish.

Now back to moi!

Topshop Silk Kimono
Topshop Leggings
Topshop Necklace
Topshop Tshirt
Topshop Bag

Reading the above outfit makes me wonder if I should be a Topshop Brand Ambassador!

Enjoy the pics Yummy Mummies!