Monday, 22 December 2014

OUTFIT: Keeping it simple in socks

OK I will say it right now- I've been shocking on the blogging front. The reason being that life has picked up at top speed. I have just had the most amazing birthday and I have been spoilt rotten! I have sat on the sofa and have 20 mins to spare, so I figured I would use that to share a post before I hit the new year having not bothered!

I have a real soft spot for over the knee socks and I appear to be wearing them to death right now, that and black dresses. I just picked up this fantastic black denim dress, I love the zip detail and I love how versatile it can be. Jewellery has become my way of making an outfit too recently and for my birthday I was very lucky to add to my Pandora collection, plus get an awesome Daniel Wellington watch. ( told you I was lucky). It's a pretty easy look and if you are not brave enough for the over knee socks or feel that they are just not appropriate then grab yourself a pair of tights and knee boots! I wear my socks with my ASH ankle boots should you wish to go for an ankle boot instead.

My hair being the style it is I always look as though my outfit is complete (don't forget your lippy!) If you're hair is longer, why not loosely curl it or wack it up in a pretty topknot. Your outfit can be as simple as this but it is the details that make it. Enjoy!

Bit of a different outfit image as I was playing about with my amazing new camera! (Sony a6000)



Thursday, 27 November 2014

Cambridge Satchel Company. #xmaswithjulie

I was lucky enough to have the chance to meet Julie, the founder of the awesome Cambridge Satchel Company. She inspires me so much as a working mum and her words of "you push on for the children" really rang true to me.

The products that she has worked tirelessly on are fantastic and have reached epic proportions, with epic designers offering fantastic collaborations.

New to the season are some fantastic smaller good items which stand true to the "Great British" leather trademark.
I quite honestly could have spent a mini fortune-not that the goods are sooo expensive-just that I wanted so much! 

I absolutely love my leather keyring gift, which I had stamped with my initials. Another great gift idea!

If you are looking for a gift to make personal why not look into the small goods products and get stamping!

Clarks are stepping up!

I managed to get to Clarks spring/summer press day last week at the crack of dawn 8am! Working full time has had a knock on effect with the blog too unfortunately, BUT I'm mega active on instagram!
I couldn't stay long but I was there long enough to snap a few pics! I genuinely am looking forward to these newbies hitting the store, most will arrive Feb!
Can't wait to style some of these my way!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Coats...Brighten up your A/W wardrobe!

Winter is arriving and my coat fetish is reaching it's peak again! My problem is that I get bored quick but alas, my sister came to the rescue. I love my black Topshop teddy fur coat in black, but this version is just me all over right now. 

A new coat is an easy way to add interest to what you may feel is a boring wardrobe, especially if it is something away from the "norm"

The hubby reckons I have plenty of coats....but there is always room for more!

Plenty of deals about on coats right now too...I am seriously crushing on the below right now!!