Monday, 30 December 2013

Catching Up and a Sale Outfit!

Well I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I have eaten more than double of my body weight in food this Christmas! Hope that you all had a fabulous one with friends and family!

So now the sales have started and I will be honest I've not been tempted much at all, it's been a crazy time recently so my head is elsewhere (more to follow). However I did receive gift vouchers that will be put too use! Rather than bore you too much with words I'm going to link to a few bits and bobs that I would add into my wardrobe.....

Wear with......

Not in the sale but a great buy at £12

and continue to wrap up warm in this great biker jacket...

and for a pop of colour I am in love with this snood!
River Island £10

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Nike Air Max

Just a quick post! It was my birthday this week and amongst my presents were these seriously cool Nike Air Max. Bright and funky like me, comfy and I'm wearing with pretty much 80% of my wardrobe.

More on my birthday in my next post!

Topshop Yellow Knit Jumper
Topshop Teddy Fur Coat
Topshop Twist Lock Bag
Next Grey Skinny Jeans with Faux Leather panel
Nike Air Max
Topshop Scarf


Monday, 16 December 2013

Little Vikings and a Sequin Bow.

I love different, I love fashion, I love vintage and I love a bargain. That's why I now love Little Vikings! I first came across them whilst helping out at St Albans Fashion Show, which you can read about HERE and I've been gagging to pop in to them. I did just that last week and I am so glad I did, Heaven. I came away with the most adorable sequin bow at the cost of £3.50 and what's more I can use it on just about anything to perk up an outfit. For instance today I have revamped my bobble hat.

I also happened to pop in on the day I wore my sequin cardi (post HERE) and so I also had to share these lovely gems....

I couldn't not share these guys on the blog. It had to be done. What's more this Saturday coming they are holding a fab event in which you can get 15% off, a great chance to grab a unique Christmas present for someone. I'll share more info in my next post!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Casual Checks

Another quick daily wear post, if you need inspiration or tips on daily outfits check out my Mummy Wardrobe post HERE!

A checked shirt can be worn for so many looks today I've layered over another long sleeve top and some topshop skinnys. My daughter asked me to wear my Dr Martens so I obliged!

Topshop shirt
Topshop statement necklace
Topshop skinnys
Primark jersey tunic
Dr materns boots

I've also just had gel nails done for the first time! If you're local to me in Luton, this lovely lady is worth checking out and starting at only £10 it's a bargain. Find her on Facebook

Oh and I've gone back to black (its not black but hubby reckons it is). The red in my hair was driving me insane and I feel much more "me" one colour. 

Bittersweet Chocolate by Live XXL if you wanted to know!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Daily Sequins

I'm on a roll, two posts in two days and here was me thinking I was slacking!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will have seen my Festive Special blog, if not read it HERE! It has lots of tips on simple and easy ways to give your Christmas wardrobe a lift. Today I am practicing what I preach and putting a bit of "bling" into my daily wardrobe.

Take a logo t-shirt, some boyfriend jeans, Uggs (yes I still say these are fashionable) and a sequin cardigan and you are set to go. Oh and of course I have my favourite statement necklace in the mix too.

Tshirt- Next (As seen in my Blogger of May post HERE )
Jeans- Replay
Sequin Cardigan- Florence and Fred (Tescos) - Old stock but they have lots of lovely bling on offer!
Necklace- Topshop

**Again not the best pic but fleeting snaps in mirrors is a regular occurrence now!**

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Camouflage and Breton

Posts are pretty thin on the ground for me right now with Christmas on top of birthday's it's manic but stick with me! It does mean you'll have to put up with mugshots of me in the mirror complete with pink dressing gown. Sorry about that.

So anyway this is just a quick post but relevant.

Pinterest - if you've not already got the app, get it. Search anything you want inspiration for, in my case it's pretty much always clothes!

Breton stripes and camouflage layered up = warm, up to date and trendy in one. Perfect for a way to add interest into your everyday wardrobe. Add a statement necklace or scarf and bam you're ready.

Friday, 6 December 2013

New Mummy Daily Wardrobe

I got speaking with a friend today about the "nothing to wear" situation that hits you after having children. So I have come up daily outfit inspiration to work for a new mummy. If you are able to get a good basics set up sorted it makes getting dressed much easier when tiredness really wants to get in the way and you can't be bothered.

My loves.

*A good pair of boots. Leather is best as they will last longer and are waterproof. Uggs for ultimate comfort and warmth. Most are now weatherproof and as far as I am concerned they will remain in my wardrobe!

*High waisted jeans. My saviour. Holds tummy in.... need I elaborate on this?

*Boyfriend jeans. There are so many different styles, try a few.

*Slim fit jeans. If skinny isn't your thing and neither is boyfriend these could be the ones for you.

*Vests. Great for layering to keep you warm or cold, whichever your body decides. As lets face it your hormones will cause merry hell for you. Plus they aid you in breastfeeding.

*A parka. Matches everything and looks stylish.

*Bobble Hat. 1 its freezing right now and 2 it hides the fact that sometimes you don't have time to get your hair done.

*Jumpers. Pick something colourful or with texture to add interest without feeling like you have bothered

*Cardigans. Not as dated as they may sound. After all if you are breastfeeding they are practical.

*Shirts. For the same reason as above. Think checks, plaids or spots!

*Lipstick and mascara may be the last thing on your mind but Mum used to always say to me to pop these on and I would feel and look better. She was right. Even a pale gloss if you can't bare the thought of brights.

*Leggings. Not the see through variety please, no one wants to see your knickers. You can get some great hold you in types which scream "jeans day off" worn with a oversize jumper or cardi you have comfort.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Little Dapper Boy

My son would appear to be following Mummy's route of fashion and right now he is loving bow ties and ties. (He want's to look just like Daddy going to work) It's pretty easy to find what he loves right now on the high street as it's such an on trend look. I'm even considering a bow tie myself for Christmas!

the boys got style