Saturday, 2 November 2013

St Albans Fashion Week Fashion Show.

What better way to spend some fun quality time with my mum than backstage at a fashion show, St Albans Fashion Show to be precise. Why backstage? Was I modelling? Ah no not this time, the Chloe James Lifestyle Fashion Show S/S was enough people for me, with the 500+ seated eagerly awaiting things to kick off last night, I think I would've frozen to the spot (in great clothes). I was on the dressing side of things this time helping Chloe James Lifestyle collection get out on time and looking hot.

So how did this all come about? Well a lovely lady called Ellie over at Style in my City had an idea, she took that idea and with an amazing community pulled it together. Not only did she set about arranging this incredible fashion show she's created St Albans Fashion Week with the Closing Ceremony yet to come, if you want to catch up on what you've missed out on so far you can read all about it here. With the longest Catwalk in the UK this wasn't going to be a small scale event. Think BIG. Do BIG!

It was a brilliant night and quite simply I'll let the snaps do the talking, some are grainy I'm afraid but I was using my phone among the organised chaos....

Prepping our clothes!

With my beaut of a mother.... My outfit? Well since you asked Jeans and Blazer are both Next and my shirt is H&M

Runway order....

It's all go! Pap shot caught by my sister before she shot off! 

One stunning St Albans Cathedral packed out and setting the most amazing scene...

Karen (blk/wht shot ) from St Albans Hair and Make Up and Space NK St Albans providing the finishing touches to the models.

Photo source: Michelle Wiggett Photography. Karen again from St Albans Hair and Make Up.

The stunning blondie above is the lovely Tanning Angel Anne Marie....

Everyone at the ready..

The Chloe James Lifestyle girls about to rock the catwalk..

It's started! 

Mr CJL about to work it!

More lads.... not a bad place to have been. About 90% of them working the uber on trend beard.... I'm sure my husband started the look.... No? (Well in my eyes!) The Alternative Barbering Co did however have a hefty hand in making the men look styled down to the last hair. For a seriously stylish Barber you need to check them out.

The Mayor of St Albans prepping for her debut!

Mum and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this fashionista, Andrew Fisher of Fishhead Hats. He has some absolute gems made by himself, the pics on his site are amazing and worth a look!
Of course it would have been totally rude for me not to try....

Meanwhile out front a fashionista close to my heart was snapping these great shots...

The green dress from Earley's of St Albans was everything about a stunning dress I love! 

The most amazing dance shot of the night surely!?

.... and of course some shot's of the lovely ladies that we dressed (including the Mayor below) shot by the fabulous Donna from Chloe James Lifestyle 

Thats a wrap!


  1. Amazing Hollie - and you should have been modeling - you look stunning as ever!

    1. That's a very kind comment, I'll paypal you for it later haha! X

  2. That looks like an amazing experience & what a fantastic venue!! Love you in the hats! Your Mum looks gorgeous too! Ax

    1. I'll make sure she sees that! It was really great fun and quite a show! Xx

  3. Looked like an amazing experience Hollie, would love to do something similar. I'm far more at ease backstage than on the catwalk!! Your mum looks fab, what a stunner, you are very like her too! X

    1. Ah thankyou. It was brilliant such a great evening! X