Monday, 11 November 2013

Outfit planning.

When you go to bed do you drop off into dreamy bliss or are you along the same lines as me and go over every single thing that pops into your mind?

You get into bed, curl up and get comfortable, but yet you can't fall asleep. The fact that you were fighting to stay awake watching TOWIE is irrelevant, now you have the option of sleep it's not happening. Nothing. Nadda.

So then you begin to make a mental list with the hope you will bore yourself to sleep. I always use this time to plan what I will wear tomorrow (under eye concealer for sure)

"... jeans... shirt...uggs-no it's forecast to rain....oh we need cat there enough milk for the morning? Too late....biker jacket?..No tweed... scarf-yes it's I have enough toilet roll?...". 

It has utterly no order and gets rather tedious and what's more  you fail to fall asleep.

If you are anything like me perhaps you to struggle to relax with the snoring coming from what sounds like a beast, but is in fact the man you married laying bedside you. For a while you go through the following emotions;

Anger- shut the hell up-I'm making a list,
Jealousy- of the fact that he can be so deeply asleep despite multiple prods.
Despise- Why doesn't he make the lists and plans? Why do us women have to do everything?

Then you hear MUMMY....attend said child and repeat all of the above.

I did finally sleep after I worked my way through the endless Christmas lists and yet I have forgotten most of it whilst Christmas Shopping. Helpful. Yes yes yes, I did write it down. But then I forgot that too. So anyway here I am shopped from memory sat alone for lunch, missing my little man terribly (The son. Not the snoring husband-although it would be lovely to lunch with him) and I'm blogging.

People staring are quite possibly thinking perhaps she uses her phone to much. <shrugs>

It was yummy....

Or maybe, just maybe they are checking out my eyeliner. I've just been "Bobbi Brown'd" by the lovely Chloe in the John Lewis WGC branch and I'm sporting some rather fine flicks. I think that's it, it's the flicks and not the lonesome addicted to her phone figure that I'm sure I look like. I do have to say I'm rather impressed with my flicks, nothing is shifting this pro longwear stuff. Not even Clinique clarifying lotion and that my friends is amazing. FYI; Bobbi Brown counters are offering complimentary (I like that word) mini lessons in the lead up to Crimbo!

What outfit did I decide on last night? This one.

Topshop Super Fluffy Lime Scarf
Topshop Shirt (Yes it's Maternity and no I'm not pregnant! I just loved the fit!
H&M Denim Shirt
Miss Selfridge black skinny jeans- these are the ripped knee ones and are in the sale at £20 instore!
Topshop Twist Lock Bag

My lovely glam flick up close! 

Yes lovely readers what you are seeing below is a bobble hat, your eyes do not decieve you! Fear not, I have not regressed to teen years. I have simply come to senses and frankly don't give a damn!



  1. Love your outfit......great idea to put a shirt under another shirt....I shall be stealing that ;0)

    I do exactly the same when I'm trying to drop off! Everything goes racing through my mind but I should be ok tonight as decision on tomorrows outfit has already been less thing to worry about x

    1. Steal away :)
      Now that is planning right there! x

  2. I a) plan what I'm wearing the following day and failing sleep then move onto b) I show people around the house, going from room to room. I never get upstairs as it's so boring that I'm asleep lol

    1. lol I wish I was organised enough to sort for tomorrow! Just finished sorting the Next blog post and after staring at the screen for a while my eyes feel dead. I think I will sleep tonight!

  3. Oh you look so pretty with the hat on - I have serious face envy going on here!!

    1. Face envy, I am stealing this term. "why thankyou!"

  4. Your eyes look gorgeous! I just got a gel liner & its brilliant! So much easier to apply! Love your yellow scarf against your coat! Looks fab! Ax