Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Next S/S '14' Collection

I mentioned before that I was unable to make it to the Next Press Day for S/S 14, however the lovely Gemma from Spreading Jam made sure I wasn't left out and kindly sent over all the info. Some of you may have already received your new catalogs or perhaps even seen the preview online and are perhaps brooding over what's to come. So lets take a peek at the new delights to come and my top picks. I'll let the photo's do the talking on this one! (Children to follow!)

Print is going no where and I am happy to see that the Sports Luxe look is going nowhere just yet either. Both are key trends which can so easily work into your existing wardrobes. For colour everything is keeping nice and fresh, just as you would expect of a Spring collection. Looking at the blues on offer already has me thinking of the beautiful Cornish seaside!

The below shoes will make even those of you who prefer just jeans on a night out bang up to speed with the sports luxe trend. 

Whilst I wouldn't recommend a white dress around children this has to be one of the coolest 'Mummy's Night Off' dresses I've seen come from Next. Sexy, fresh, and clean cut.

This handful of looks taken from the website are my favourites, they are such a easy laid back but still looking fantastic collection of outfits. Further below I have created some collections that will be on my Spring Perk Up Wishlist from Next!


khaki denim and print next s/s14

next biker s/s14

basics s/s14 next

What are you all making of it? I for one need to see more! Children, Home and a little bit of Menswear to follow!


  1. Ooh Hollie, such fab things. I love your edits. Thank you x

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