Friday, 29 November 2013

My Christmas Outfit Wishlist

Eeeek it's almost here and that means my birthday is just around the corner too! I've thinking about what I will be wearing and have put together some inspiration for you if you are stuck for ideas.

Chirstmas Eve.
Now if you are anything like me then this is a manic day. Running around getting the last bits sorted and perhops even popping to the church with the little ones. So for me jeans, jumper and boots are a no brainer.

The jeans are on offer right now for £20 so snap up a bargain!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

I am really into sequins right now and I'm also into a statement item that can be worn more than once. This skirt fits the bill perfectly and again it's in the half price sale. Worn with the black top gives it the smarter look but worn with the cable knit jumper you have a bit more comfort but still look glam. Make up and nails has to have a splash of red, it is after all Christmas Day.

The leopard print shoes may be too much for some people with the clash of knit and sequin but in my eyes it's perfection! 

Christmas Day

Jumper * Skirt * Top * Heels * Pumps

Boxing Day

Perhaps you have family to visit today, this is a bit more laid back but still dressy enough to be celebrating! 

Boxing Day

Kimono * Trousers *  Top * Cuff * Pumps

As for the relaxing part of Christmas it would be wrong not to mention a onesie. Ultimate comfort is offered with this super soft Next all in one.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Update with a Faux Fur stole.

I mentioned in my Festive Special (here) how a touch of faux fur is an instant update to the wardrobe and here's a brief example. The faux fur stole isn't just for the glam evening events, it's the perfect way to update a jacket and in my case my Mango herringbone one.

It's not the thickest of jacket's so over Autumn it was perfect (seen here and below), but with the temperatures dropping a touch of fur and my biker jacket layered underneath it keeps me warm! My stole is off another jacket that's sleeveless but you will find many similar on the high street. Topshop have two amazing ones that I'm ignoring.

Outfit with fur stole-

Jacket - Mango
Shirt - H&M
Biker Jacket - Topshop
Faux leather leggings - H&M
Boots - Clarks
Bag - Topshop

Without Fur-

Jacket as before
Jumper- Topshop 
Jeans - Topshop
Bag- French Connection

Today's outfit-

Jeans- Topshop
Jumper- Topshop
Scarf- Topshop

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mummy's Wondersuit

This is a brave post for me, it's not every day that I flaunt my butt in a swimsuit on my blog and I won't be doing this anytime again soon. However I learnt a lesson...

Everyone knows that when you go to a spa that you take a swimsuit. Not me. I forgot. Two years ago my now Step-Mothers hen weekend was a trip to the lovely Maldon Spa, one issue I had no swimsuit. A quick stop in New Look at the nearest retail park on the way and I was the proud owner of what can only be described as Minnie Mouse's swimsuit for when her red one is in the wash. It was pink polka dots, complete with bow, cheap and what's more it was age 13-14. A generous 13-14 I may add. So despite the fact that I looked like an oversize teen, I did have my swimsuit. Oh and new flip flops as yes I forgot I would need those too.

Fast forward to now and although I've had no holiday, I have taken the kids swimming. So when I got chatting with the lovely Natalie at Beach Cafe I was intrigued to take a browse. The ranges that they have are extensive and whilst I am under no illusion that I would not resemble the image of the model on my screen, the way that you are able to shop covered all areas. ie me. Small Chest (sob). Flatten stomach (bigger sob). This Seafolly variety caught my eye not just because the model has amazing hair, but the title lured me in. Seafolly Goddess Boyleg Swimsuit.

So when this beautifully gift wrapped box* arrived I had one hope in mind, I was to be a goddess. Perhaps pinning too much on a title but us Mums have to live in hope with some things!

Did it deliver? YES! It really did make me feel good, I felt comfortable and what's more it flattered (in my eyes!) the areas that Natalie's website said it would! So there was only one thing for it, a few hours at the Verulamium Spa with the Husband. Just one issue we didn't want to do anything for the rest of the day.

So while I may no longer have the 'pert' body I did once upon a time ago and I have extra lumps elsewhere, I have learnt a valuable lesson. If you dress in the right fit you can feel good about yourself and if you feel confident in yourself you're going to pull off something that you may have thought you couldn't.

I rename this swimsuit, "Mummy's Wondersuit" Oh and yes after I took these quick snaps I removed all my make up so I could sweat it out in the steam room. I'm not that anal over make up. Fetching though huh!

*PR Gifted 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Topshop Pinafore. I'm not giving you up!

I wore this Topshop Denim Pinafore to death over the summer period and I'm not ready to give up on it yet so I'm just layering the hell out of it! Whilst I realise that I'm at great risk of looking like an oversized toddler, I've also reached a plateau in buying clothes. This Topshop Pinafore has pockets, did I mention that? I love pockets, perfect for lipsticks.

So anyway there's nothing I need and yes yes I hear you 'us women never NEED we want'  but honestly I'm a tad bored right now. Ok yes I'll admit I won a gold sequin jacket on eBay but that doesn't count and if you read my last blog post HERE you will understand my reasoning. Plus it was a bargain. 

Make up however seems to be grabbing a whole lot of my attention again and I've gone back to my wedding choice of foundation Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation which is heaven. It's quite a creamy texture and a little goes a long way to give a flawless look. I'm also really liking the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner, where the nib is so fine it's much easier to get a flick!

Shirt H&M
Dress Topshop
Necklace Topshop
Boots Clarks

Friday, 22 November 2013

A Festive Special

When I was asked by Amy from Like Love Want Need to do a guest blog for her not only was I flattered, I was then stumped. What to write!? Amy suggested festive and with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner it made perfect sense. So this is what I have come up with. It's a bit different to my usual posts but I have created this with the intentions that it will become a post that you can look back on for inspiration.

When it comes to updating your look for the festive season it's easier than you think. Sometimes all you need to do is change the way you wear your hair or make up and sometimes it's just about adding one or two new items to the wardrobe. Whatever your budget you can make it work whether the store you choose is designer or second hand. All you need is the inspiration first so you know what you are looking for and this is where Pinterest comes in!

Make up.

One of the easiest and often cheapest ways for you to update and change your whole look. If you don't wear lipsticks, why not try a pop of colour and keep everything else very simple. Red comes in a insane amount of shades and is as festive as it gets! If that's too much try a pale red gloss.

Similar for the eyes, if you are someone who loves your lips to be the focus, switch it around and go for a simpler lip and a smoky eye or an exaggerated eyeliner flick. For those of you that are never without make up why not try some sparkle, I am really loving gold on the eyes right now. For a big night out don't be afraid of some false lashes, even the most natural ones can really open up your face.

Remember department stores are full of makeup counters and booking with one can teach you a great new technique. Don't let yourself feel pressured into buying though! If you are not sure then walk away and see how you feel after a walk about the shops!


Next up is your hair. This is perhaps not a daily thing you would change, especially if you have kiddies to chase around but for a night out how you wear your hair is going to complete your look just as much as nail varnish and make up. Again if you normally wear it one way, switch it up and go for the opposite. Hair always down and straight, looks beautiful when you have a curl added or perhaps you never wear your hair up, try curling it and sweeping it up. If a visit to the salon isn't in the budget then study YouTube, there are some brilliant tutorials on there.

If you are like me and have a shorter style it is possible to look different. I quite liked to smooth my crop down for a night out as I love to play about with make up and often with shorter styles the cut makes a statement enough as it is. However I do love the look of some accessories that you can buy and who says that they are just for those blessed with long hair, just keep the outfit a bit more simple with something fussier on the hair dept to avoid looking 'too' much.

chirstmas hair


I personally like to keep my going out outfits pretty simple in colour but more exciting in texture so most are black, gold or cream, that way you can really play with accessories. If you are a bit strapped for cash then look at adding some glitz to what you already own. A pair of killer red heels matched with red lipstick will really stand out against a simple black dress. Sequins is high on my list right now and this time of year is perfect for it day or night. Sequins work so well with denim that I can't help but drool over sequin jackets in particular. They look just as amazing over a tight fitted simple dress as they do with a plain top and boyfriend jeans. The perfect wardrobe pick me up!

all that glitters

A faux fur jacket is also a must have this time of year, much the same as the sequin jacket that I would like it's wearable day and night. If a full on faux fur jacket isn't your thing then have a play about with a faux fur stole to update your current jacket. Also think about swapping your normal leggings for faux leather ones to update to the winter trend.

faux fur

It would be rude for me not to even skirt around the Fair Isle look when we are discussing festive times. It has to be done! Boden and Next have hit mixed up the look great and who can resist some festive fun socks!

Next Snowflake Jumper
Next FairIsle Jumper
Topshop Gingerbread Socks
Boden Fairisle Knit

fair isle


I'm not one for much on the Accessories front and that's something I am working on! I prefer to have a statement necklace or even just diamante earrings in, but for a night out at Christmas some bling has to be done! I love my Next silver glitter heels and they come out every time I want some sparkle added to an outfit.

Bags have become quite art deco recently and the high street has taken much inspiration from the catwalk. If I was buying a new evening bag it would have to be a box clutch, pure chic and no floppy situation going on under your arm.

A statement flat is also big news for this season and it wouldn't be right to not mention them, with it being the festive season something shiny works great. Not only does it dress up jeans and a jumper they work great for anyone who wants a dressy shoe for an evening out but can't take the pain or balance of a heel.

To instantly dress up your daily jeans combo look a chunky necklace is a must, layered over your blouse, tshirt, shirt or even a evening dress it gives you your moneys worth in versatility.

Luckey Dune Pump
River Island Gold Stripe Box Clutch
Topshop Beaded Oversize Flower Necklace
J Crew Shimmer Crystal Earrings
Next Silver Peep Toe Heels

christmas accessories

So there we have it, a quick post to update your festive wardrobe!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What I'm loving right now.

my love list!

Short but simple today. Make up which has staying power that impresses me to the max and keeping warm in my cosies!

1-Bobbi Brown 24K Longwear Shadowstick
2- Bobbi Brown Espresso Ink Longwear Liner
3-Topshop jumper now OOS but any chunky knit makes the list!
4-Grey Check Pyjama Set
5-Next PomPom Hat

Monday, 18 November 2013


The husband and I escaped North to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary so I've been MIA on the blog. I'll be back on track asap!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Next S/S '14' Collection

I mentioned before that I was unable to make it to the Next Press Day for S/S 14, however the lovely Gemma from Spreading Jam made sure I wasn't left out and kindly sent over all the info. Some of you may have already received your new catalogs or perhaps even seen the preview online and are perhaps brooding over what's to come. So lets take a peek at the new delights to come and my top picks. I'll let the photo's do the talking on this one! (Children to follow!)

Print is going no where and I am happy to see that the Sports Luxe look is going nowhere just yet either. Both are key trends which can so easily work into your existing wardrobes. For colour everything is keeping nice and fresh, just as you would expect of a Spring collection. Looking at the blues on offer already has me thinking of the beautiful Cornish seaside!

The below shoes will make even those of you who prefer just jeans on a night out bang up to speed with the sports luxe trend. 

Whilst I wouldn't recommend a white dress around children this has to be one of the coolest 'Mummy's Night Off' dresses I've seen come from Next. Sexy, fresh, and clean cut.

This handful of looks taken from the website are my favourites, they are such a easy laid back but still looking fantastic collection of outfits. Further below I have created some collections that will be on my Spring Perk Up Wishlist from Next!


khaki denim and print next s/s14

next biker s/s14

basics s/s14 next

What are you all making of it? I for one need to see more! Children, Home and a little bit of Menswear to follow!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Outfit planning.

When you go to bed do you drop off into dreamy bliss or are you along the same lines as me and go over every single thing that pops into your mind?

You get into bed, curl up and get comfortable, but yet you can't fall asleep. The fact that you were fighting to stay awake watching TOWIE is irrelevant, now you have the option of sleep it's not happening. Nothing. Nadda.

So then you begin to make a mental list with the hope you will bore yourself to sleep. I always use this time to plan what I will wear tomorrow (under eye concealer for sure)

"... jeans... shirt...uggs-no it's forecast to rain....oh we need cat there enough milk for the morning? Too late....biker jacket?..No tweed... scarf-yes it's I have enough toilet roll?...". 

It has utterly no order and gets rather tedious and what's more  you fail to fall asleep.

If you are anything like me perhaps you to struggle to relax with the snoring coming from what sounds like a beast, but is in fact the man you married laying bedside you. For a while you go through the following emotions;

Anger- shut the hell up-I'm making a list,
Jealousy- of the fact that he can be so deeply asleep despite multiple prods.
Despise- Why doesn't he make the lists and plans? Why do us women have to do everything?

Then you hear MUMMY....attend said child and repeat all of the above.

I did finally sleep after I worked my way through the endless Christmas lists and yet I have forgotten most of it whilst Christmas Shopping. Helpful. Yes yes yes, I did write it down. But then I forgot that too. So anyway here I am shopped from memory sat alone for lunch, missing my little man terribly (The son. Not the snoring husband-although it would be lovely to lunch with him) and I'm blogging.

People staring are quite possibly thinking perhaps she uses her phone to much. <shrugs>

It was yummy....

Or maybe, just maybe they are checking out my eyeliner. I've just been "Bobbi Brown'd" by the lovely Chloe in the John Lewis WGC branch and I'm sporting some rather fine flicks. I think that's it, it's the flicks and not the lonesome addicted to her phone figure that I'm sure I look like. I do have to say I'm rather impressed with my flicks, nothing is shifting this pro longwear stuff. Not even Clinique clarifying lotion and that my friends is amazing. FYI; Bobbi Brown counters are offering complimentary (I like that word) mini lessons in the lead up to Crimbo!

What outfit did I decide on last night? This one.

Topshop Super Fluffy Lime Scarf
Topshop Shirt (Yes it's Maternity and no I'm not pregnant! I just loved the fit!
H&M Denim Shirt
Miss Selfridge black skinny jeans- these are the ripped knee ones and are in the sale at £20 instore!
Topshop Twist Lock Bag

My lovely glam flick up close! 

Yes lovely readers what you are seeing below is a bobble hat, your eyes do not decieve you! Fear not, I have not regressed to teen years. I have simply come to senses and frankly don't give a damn!


Friday, 8 November 2013

I'm sorry it's from where?

Want to see how I wear the faux fur gilet trend? Well here you go, read further down for a total bargain copy!

Faux Fur Gilet was brought at the Clothes Show Live a couple of years back but for a bargain check out the above!
Jeans are French Connection
Boots are Vintage Marks and Spencer, these bad boys are about 11 years old and have done themselves proud!
Leopard Print Jumper is Topshop.

(excuse the fact that I don't appear to have arms in this photo, pointed out by friend! Ooops)

Yep that's right Tesco, Florence and Fred to be exact and yet again they have impressed me. The Mother and daughter faux furs above are so on trend for winter and they needn't have to be just for glamming up, both work just as great for a casual look. 

Layer the faux fur gilet with denim, knee high boots (the Tesco ones below are a great buy again) and a biker jacket for extra warmth (like above). I would dress my daughters in this adorable jacket similar to me minus the biker jacket, a really cute weekend outfit.

Digging deeper into the site I found these really cute knitwears! I need them both!!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Technophobe Parents

My husband and I are quite caveman like when you compare what our children have to others. I'm not saying that we go without heat in the house (although British Gas are certainly not helping this situation) and we don't eat raw meat, after all my eldest daughter isn't a "meat lover" -her words. What I am talking about is technology. In terms of our household I guess you could say we were a bit behind the times, we own only the one computer and that was because it was a second-hand gift. We don't have any game consoles, tablets or a internet linked TV (although this starting to make sense to me), my husband and I obviously have our phones (Samsung's even if you didn't ask) which the kids drive us insane over with fighting on who's turn it is to play Temple Run. Microsoft coins that my friends children buy are are literally lost in translation on me and I still have no idea why you would need them to play a game console.

Recently I was asked "What kind of impact has the introductory of technology had on the bringing up of your kids?" and it got me thinking, perhaps we should start moving with the times. After all with our all singing and dancing package on Virgin  broadband we have interactive technology on tap, but yet we don't really use it to it's full potential. I foresee in the coming months this will change!

Thinking back to when I was the age of my children things really couldn't have been much more different. When I was a teenager I remember thinking I was really cool to have a pager. As far as an interactive toy went the Tamagotchy was a hit and my Mum often had the task of babysitting. The Internet was the dial up variety that you had to use in the school libary, as your parents would moan about blocking the phone line and hiking up the phone bill to epic proportions. My first phone was a Nokia 5110 and the only exciting piece of technology it really produced was Snake, there was no 'BB' messaging going on in school and the only viral gossip you had to worry about was in the playground at breaktime. WiFi and iMessage were long yet to come. 

These day's kids have iPhone's and are downloading all kinds of apps and communicating over ways that makes using a BT phone booth (remember them?) to page someone look positively ancient, in hindsight why you didn't just call the person you were paging I don't know. The difference is amazing. 

Part of our reluctance to have more technology in the house is the cost (not the internet package, the actual consoles), the other part is it quite frankly it scares the hell out of us. We don't want our babies growing up too fast and wanting too much to soon, we do however realise that at some point this has to change. The computer and the Internet is normal for my girls, whether that be fighting over who's turn it is to play on Moshi Monsters to searching Vincent Van Gogh and early settlements on Google. Researching for my homework in the 90's meant loading up the Encarta disk and hoping that what you produced wasn't too like for like.

With my daughters 8th birthday fast approaching (and her attitude fast increasing) she asked for an iPhone! When I challenged her on it mentioning she'll have no one to call she quickly fired back she could speak with her best friend over Facetime. Que one shocked Mummy (yes my daughter who still calls me Mummy is discussing Social Media). 

Recently whilst visiting a good friend of mine (her children mostly teens) the Wifi went down and it was amazing how quickly how the boys appeared from their rooms to find out what happened and we joked how turning off a modem was the modern way of calling a family meeting. Is this really what I want? Not particularly but come teen stage it no doubt will be the case. It's bad enough that the husband and I are constantly on our phones throughout the evening, liking one another's Instagram posts and I have been known to message him from upstairs via Facebook for a cuppa! 

So in answer to the above question, whilst I am fairly anti-technology I realise that we will have to start moving with the times very soon.
The older they get the harder it's going to be and after all I want them to be classed as 'normal'. The media doesn't help with my worries, which I realise is a slightly contradicting statement from a social media blogger but we do understand that we can't hide or shield our children from everything although McAfee will help!

So this is why we have agreed to start at an iPod touch. It's no tablet I know but it's a BIG leap for us as parents, she'll be able to browse over WiFi, download her games and Facetime her BFF. I just hope that she will still look at me to communicate whilst downloading the top 10 and not email me asking what's for dinner. We will just cross our fingers and hope that we deal with any issues that the internet brings to tweens and teens in the best way we can. 

New hair done. New skin...needed!

So regular readers will have seen my last post with me looking ever so fetching with a head wrapped in foil. So here I am with the result, I asked for a bold change and that's what I got! Baby boy (not so much baby anymore) keeps pointing at my fringe and touching "Mummy's red" expecting it to feel some what different! The cut I have to say leaves me chilly and I do wonder why I decided to go for an undercut right when winter is kicking in, but I've been on about doing it for a while so now I guess I can tick it off the list! It won't stay though as I'm missing my pixie crop and feeling slightly out of my comfort zone. You don't know til you try though huh! 

I've now got to get into the routine of using a good colour shampoo and conditioner to keep the colour locked in, as it's essentially toners sat on bleached hair. I wake up looking like I slept rough, so I have to wash my hair daily. Basically picture in your mind of when Snow White is woken, then think of an extreme opposite and that's me.

I need to get myself down to boots (decision will be biased on offers) and while I'm there look for a gentle exfoliation product.

Whilst at the hairdressers I was complaining to my beauty therapist sister in law about how congested my skin was, she was horrified when I said I never exfoliate. Since reading this blog on open pores, (which I suffer with) I am now paranoid that my face is about to droop into a ugly mess. It's ok though as people will be too busy staring at my hair!

**For anyone wondering my top and necklace are both Topshop**

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Inconvenient Parenting

Today is one of those day's where being a Mum is inconvenient, yes I know that's a controversial thing to say but I know some Mum's out there will totally get where I am coming from. Don't get me wrong I love my babies to the moon and back plus some, but they do have the tendency to hold me back on the things that sometimes I most want to do.

Example. Today is Next's Press Day, I was all set for meeting some lovely blogging friends and have a day out in London but alas that was not meant to be. With children under the weather, school runs and basically no personal Nanny on tap means it's just become impossible for me this time. 

How about getting to the cinema? That's another example. I can not remember the last time the Husband and I got to the Cinema, perhaps it was our anniversary last year, I literally can't remember. Why is that?....Kids. Oh and not forgetting the unhelpful cinema that start screenings so late that getting a film in during the day before school pick up becomes another impossibility. They are missing a trick there as surely we can't be the only parents who have this problem!

However this is not a all doom and gloom post as look at the flip side, this is making the most of inconvenience. Today is the first day in weeks where I've calmed the hell down and stayed home. I get to watch re runs of Mr Tumble so I am actually gaining on a educational level of learning sign language, which has to be another plus point. But more importantly I get cuddles on tap with the my beautiful little man. One to one time that come next year when he's in full time school I will be wishing I had back in a heartbeat (I realise I'm sounding much like a grandparent now). It also means that I can catch up on the house and everything else that I put on the back burner.

So yes children can hold us back but it makes the time we that we can escape for some sanity all the more special. I'll get to go (hopefully) to the next Next Press Day and I will enjoy it all the more. The husband and I will get a cinema trip in very soon and it will be all the more special because we had to wait so damn long. Let's face it life is too short to get hung up on the little things that can annoy us (or perhaps just me), I need to learn to not get so worked up on small things and make the most of the small things like cuddling up at Mr Tumble. 

So yes it's inconvenient to be a Mummy but I have to the luckiest put out Mummy there is. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What routine?

Predominantly this is a fashion slash mum blog, however like I mentioned in the #NBNworkshop blog there will be some changes. I've thought about what I want my blog to be about and who it's directed at. When I started writing Mummy, Wife and Chaos it was because I couldn't find anything to relate to. I've since found some great blogs and friends but I've always had a passion for writing and I don't want that to stop. It occurred to me that whilst I have occasionally dipped into parenting post's they are in the minority and my blog title suggests it should be otherwise. The title came about because I liked the sound of it and after all its everything I am.

So there we go another change, I will now grace you with the chaos that really does take over my life, just like so many other mums. For instance I've not done a proper food shop in weeks because I literally have been dealing with chaos. My meal planning head has gone out the window, I dream about take aways and I've put weight on from grabbing chocolate on the quick dash and grab milk shop runs that are becoming more frequent.

Apparently that extra weight is just all my extra hotness escaping. Husband's words not mine, not sure whether to be flattered or not at that one.

The plan this week was to take control again after half term, however I'm currently sat in a salon looking ready to venture into space with the amount of strategically placed foil I have placed on my head. The shopping can wait.

I will come to regret those words later when I have three mini me's shouting out in hunger at my feet. That's when I'll promise myself again that I'll take control. <rolls eyes> and damn myself for yet another fail.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Favourite Replay Boyfriend Jeans

I forgot just how much I love my favourite Replay boyfriend jeans, pushed to the bottom of my bottoms pile they have been neglected. Replay I am sorry. For any new readers I have mentioned before that these are Mens, yep you read that right, so I am taking the Boyfriend jean to a truer meaning. Never one to go with the norm. I brought them 7 years ago on honeymoon in Venice, how the time flies!

So anyway as it's starting to cool down rapidly I find myself layering up and going for comfort in clothes more than anything. So that's what going on in this post today. Layers. In fact I have three jackets on, yep three! The husband reckons it's because I have too many and this is the only way I will get around to wearing them all. He is of course wrong and this is pure fabrication on his part! Anyway we spent the afternoon popping into some local Luton Museums to help with the girls homework......

Boyfriend Jeans- The fave old time Replay jeans!
T-shirt- Plain black Topshop
Blazer- Mono animal print jersey blazer from Next similar here.
Biker Jacket- Topshop
nearly there...
Coat- Mango Herringbone Tweed Jacket
Scarf- Topshop Super Fluffy Scarf in Lime
Boots- UGGS!

Girls Parka Look.