Thursday, 31 October 2013

Next Blogger Networking Event; #NBNworkshop

So Monday's event arrived and so did St Jude, which of course meant the trains went down! However a day of escaping half term fun for one day, chatting with new people, yummy food and drink was not something that I was going to happily miss. Hell no. So I drove and tubed it to the Hoxton Hotel where I met yummy mummy Natalie from Glam Rosie.

So what was this event? Well in simple terms it was a event that Next invited a handful of the thousands of bloggers that are associated with their own blog network.

Whilst there we heard some great advice from some established bloggers whether that be fashion, beauty or geeky. Was it worth it? Yes! I took away a great deal from it and there is already so much that I want to change on the geeky side of things so if my blogs go quiet it's because I am staring into a oblivion of codes while the kids take over the house with dens!

Want some pics? Silly question. I didn't get anywhere near as many as I hoped too as I was chatting too much but here is a snippet!

My first and favourite talk from Abigail (The Apartment) and Emily (Fashion Foie Gras). I took a lot of insight away from these girls. 

The beauty girls were up next and spoke on photography.....Kit (Style Slicker), Lily (Lilly Pebbles) and Anna (Vivianna Does Makeup) Lovely chatty girls! I'm not a big beauty blogger but these were fun to listen too!

Listening to the SEO talk made me realise just how much I need to change behind what you read here! ie the new header of the blog for starters! Eeek

The Hoxton Hotel's seriously rocking floors.

Oh and it wouldn't be right for me not to show what I wore!! Since you asked Next Faux Leather PU top, Next necklace, Topshop skirt, boots and bag. 

Yummy food was laid on for us all..... plus a endless supply of tea!

Yes the above did taste as good as they look! 

Christmas for the boy is sorted with the adorable prints...

not forgetting the girls and the adorable tartan tutu!! 

I know, I know another coat....But like I've said before it is winter and we live in coats, it's the first thing that most people see for months to come.

Oh and it felt as good as it looked on! The review online doesn't do this justice at all. I found the sizing great for me... this is a size 10 Check Biker Coat....

Another absolute gem the black loopy cardigan! I need this like a hole in the head but.... there's a's beautiful! 

Quick pose with Glam Rosie and Bella la Moda

Yes more sweet tooth fancies. Heaven.

A quick non alcoholic cocktail for myself and Natalie before we headed home! 

.....and home to snuggle in my new socks and smell my new candle. 

Thankyou Next!


  1. Looks fab Hollie :) I have those tutu's for my 2 youngest for Christmas, need to find tops & tights to match ♥

  2. Fab blog, looks like you guys had fun! Well deserved xx

  3. GREAT PICTURES Also Looks like you had a great day
    wonderfull blogpost.
    check out my blog:
    Many Thanks ~K.sweet

  4. Looks like such an amazing day Hollie & worth going to just for the free grub! ;) Ax