Monday, 14 October 2013

Daily Checks and Boots

I've been pretty slack on the daily outfits recently and that's mostly because 1) I feel a bit of a idiot standing on doorstep with a moody 7yr old trying to take a photo of me that's half decent and 2) because I've been lazy. Today I met a friend for lunch and she was running late so I killed some time in Topshop, mooching over the mid season sale that's just started. Nothing for me but if you are after some jeans or basic vests for next year check them out. Anyway that is how I have taken a piccy of today's outfit....

I love print and these past season Topshop trousers are pretty comfy, Primark do some similar at about half the price of Topshop. My oversized fluffy jumper is Primark £8, boots Topshop Ample old season but similar below and coat is Topshop too again link below. Oh and I have new hair thanks to Kelly at Steve Hilliard in Ampthill, well worth a visit and that's coming from someone who is fussy with haircuts!

For some checked inspiration check out Topshop, Next  and New Look. I particulary like the set ups below...

Topshop Checks

Topshop monochrome Denim Check Topshop Leggings £25
Supersoft Topshop Sweater £18
Aki Topshop Heavy Sole Boot £90
Topshop Teddy Fur Pea Coat £79
Topshop Mini Croc Turn-Lock Bag £36

Next checked cape and chelsea boots

Next black check cape £35
Next full length black leggings £15
Next Flat Chelsea Ankle Boots £55
Next zip side long sleeve knit £22


  1. Oooh those Next Chelsea boots, I need to try them on! Looking fab as always Hollie x

    1. Cheers me dear! Not long til the NBN event! Boots are lush! x

  2. I love print trousers, the ones from Topshop are perfect to liven up the winter wardrobe! But I'm also off to try on those Next Chelsea boots!