Friday, 6 September 2013

A catch up.. is this Autumn?

So the children have returned to school, the sun has gone into hiding, the Fashion Weeks are kicking off and my coat has come out..... is this Autumn? I've been a tad slow on the blogging front but now routine resumes in the household my blogger hat is back on and what a exciting way to start that with receiving a Next Blogger Networking Event invite. Can't wait!

I have to say I am kind of excited about getting my new wardrobe in motion, I am over sweating it out in maxis now. If I had a pool at home things would be different but alas this is not the case. So today my Mango herringbone jacket has come out to play! I searched the earth for this fine staple item and I finally found this one new with tags on eBay at the height of our heatwave. Whoop for my forward thinking!

My shoes are just adorable and remind me of Micheal Jackson so I they are even cooler in my eyes. They are from Next and I am ready to bust these bad boy tassel beauty's all over town.... (school run...)

The jeans.... oh the jeans. My husband looked at me in 80's comeback horror (no taste) when I showed him these but ladies let me tell you now, if you are a bit too much aware of a mum tum situation then these are for you! Yes I get that these are aimed for the crop top regalia look but frankly I don't too many crop tops these days, but I do like a tuck! Where are they from I hear you ask? Topshop (naturally) and they are the MOM style priced at £40. The name is kind of apt for me... Think cheaper Levi's..

The top is a nice lightweight knit from Topshop, this is a car boot find at 20p (I kid you not) but you will find styles like this all over the high street at the A/W collections are hitting the rails. The Next one I tried on below is a very nice option..

Then we have the bag. Bags this A/W are structured, ladylike and have those hard handles that can dig into your shoulder if big enough to get your arm through. Patent is also going to be big. I'm not brave enough for a patent skirt (yet) so this bag is a compromise. It was also a French Connection bargain from Boots! Not only because a) it was a gift but b) its was filled with very lovely French Connection smelly's, so thankyou Boots and thankyou Dad!

I took a quick nosy around the local Next and this A/W things are looking good, here's a quick wishlist!

The skirt below is meant to be the Black way around but I loved it inside out! Mad I know but cut away the labels and well.... sorted!

Skirt as above the correct way around! Jumper £32

The picture does no justice.... Skirt £22 the jumper I can't find online but I think it was £32, comes in many colours and great length for with leggings! Remember this is tucked in...see pic of my outfit below with it hanging on the side.

Last two want's on my wishlist...a kilt and lace up heeled boots (or witches boots as the hubby says!)...
as always you can find me on instagram!


  1. I actually prefer that checked skirt inside out where it is predominantly white - what a brilliant idea and two skirts for the price of one. I have the Mango jacket from last year. Time to break it out again it appears! Can tell you love yours.

    1. It does doesn't it! The seams to the side are not ugly either...
      Yep love the coat!

  2. Yeah, you're back! Really missed your blogs xx

    1. Ah thankyou... yep back in action now I have more time :)

  3. Love that coat since I seem it on Sue last yr! Looks great on you too Hollie! X

    1. I need all of sues coats lol. Looking forward to wearing my grandmother's one too!

  4. whats the sizes like in your coat - its gorgeous! I have found a M one online but scared to buy incase its too large xx


    1. Hiya this too is a medium,I like the larger fit to it (I'm a 8/10) however small would probably have been what I would have fitted best. Although at least I can layer this up. Good luck with the purchase, hope this helps!

    2. aw thanks for the info that's super! :)x

  5. I have the same coat! Can't wait to break it out - I love autumn fashion, though bizarrely, in Sweden we're not quite there yet. Unfortunately apparently that means we are in for a horrific winter, which means I'll spend the next six months dressed as the Michelin Man - lovely!

    1. ah yes the double, then double again and one for luck layering system! eek x

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