Sunday, 18 August 2013

Tartan scarf. Possibly too early...

...but I did say I'm thinking ahead! This is another must have on my A/W wish list! Perfect for adding interest against the coats we will soon be living in!

This one may be men's but I love the colours and if anything the size will be bigger. Cosier. Trendier. You get the idea...

Keeping to women's now and another lovely colour mix which will look great against a grey wool coat and brown riding boots for instance.

This next find is another mens variety, I love the title! The British Scarf by Boden £39 yes it's a bit pricier but it is 100% lambswool!


  1. Hi there! Love a touch of tartan, I got an M&S men's one for Christmas last year so will be wearing that this coming season!

  2. Loving the colours on the ladies scarf, gorgeous.x

  3. So glad tartan and pink is back. I bought an oversized pink tartan cotton scarf from Burberry last year but just need the cold weather to come...oops did I really say that!

  4. I'm not loving the tartan trend but I could probably come round to a scarf....loving the colours on those! Ax

  5. Oh I am loving the tartan look. The Next one is a lovely colour combo isn't it!

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