Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Nars satin pencil lipstick. Heaven

I love a good lippy but I hate how some fade quick and you can be left with a outline on your lips and not much else after what feels like 20 mins. Rimmel and MAC I'm looking at you! Perhaps it's that I either...

A- talk too much
B- eat too much
C- drink too much
D- all of the above

Either way I am conscious of the fact that I always need lippy close by, I feel embarrassed for anyone who's lippy had worn off when they are deep in convo.

This weekend changes all of the above and I have found a cure. My sister was on the hunt for a coral and our last ditch attempt on the high street was SpaceNK for Nars. A tad pricier but we are fans of the brand already so we stepped in. The Nars make up a artist instore and by the end of chatting with her my sister and I wanted to take her home to forever talk makeup. Her knowledge was unreal. My sister purchased a lovely new satin pencil and the rest of the day was spent with me asking "have you topped up yet?". Her answer consistently being no meant we struck gold and I rushed back to get myself one the next day.

I applied once yesterday. Just once! I ate, I drank and I chatted. After a few hours (4?) my lips felt a tad dry so I popped on a bit of vaseline, seeing as there was mo shift in colour! Amazing.

The colour I'm wearing is called Yu and is £17.50.

I'm also trialling a mini sample of the tinted moisturiser....


  1. I love chunky lip pencils as find them so easy to put on in a hurry. Been eyeing this up but never used Nars, on my list now. Thanks for sharing x

  2. I keep hearing about Nars lip products - I need to try them - I love a great pink or red!

  3. I make lippie last longer by first applying primer (i use Urban Decay) to the lips, leave it for a bit. Colour lip in with pencil. Apply lipstick with a brush, blot, then apply again straight from the stick. Then it does not budge, even through eating and drinking.
    Just thought i'd add that in for any lipsticks you already have!

    Have tried a few Nars products and rate everything but their concealer.