Wednesday, 3 July 2013

School run outfits SJP style

SJP? Sarah Jessica Parker. Now there is a woman who effortlessly rocks the everyday look and looks as though she has jumped out the bed thrown on some clothes just like the rest of us. The only difference being that she looks stylish. 

Now who remembers the turn up jean? For a while now they have been nudging back on the radar and it's rare for SJP to go without one. In fact I don't think she ever dropped the look. If you are looking for inspiration on a new look, then SJP isn't a bad example to aspire to. Her wardrobe tends to be lots of basics with the odd statement item that actually makes the whole outfit. Not only that she is often in flats or boots, which I love as a few other celeb styles I like are often completed with heels and unless I am dressing up it just isn't going to happen!

So what should you look for to get her look? Perhaps you already have most of the list below in your wardrobe which is great, just take a look at the pics for a different way of wearing it all.

Basic T-Shirts- think stripes, print and plain. Long sleeve ones will be great to layer up. Uniqlo is a great online shop for these.
Sweatshirts- Basics colours. Short sleeve options are great for you to wear a long sleeve contrasting top underneath. Topshop and Zara have offerings...
Biker Jacket
Statement Jacket- think bold bright colours, patterned or even metallic!
Basic plain flats to go with anything
Ankle boots
Converse or a plain trainer if the Converse doesn't offer you enough support
Wedge trainer- not everyone's cup of tea and not everyone has the budget for the Ash variety but you can find much cheaper on the high street.
Jeans- go with what is flattering for your shape but I find the h&m slim leg variety good for turning up. The choice is pretty endless here.

She doesn't tend to bother with jewellery but sunglasses are a must and a cross body bag is a winner too.


  1. SJP has been off my radar for a while but nice to see she's still styling up a storm while doing the everyday look. I'm loving one thick turn up at the minute, but I've always loved a turn up be it skinny or BF! X

    1. I love the jackets she wears, always has at least one statement item. X

  2. She looks effortlessly amazing in everything she wears - love her style:)

    1. She really does! That's what I love so much about her.