Saturday, 27 July 2013

Its amazing how much you can get done with 3 children on so little sleep!

Last night a few mums from my children's school had a "we made it through another year/end of term/night of freedom" get together. It's been a long time since I strolled in at 3.45 am. Yes am.
It was however brilliant and much needed! I even got to show off another fabby fearne cotton dress!
Disclaimer: the photos you are about to witness are "laid back night off mummy". Hold no grudges!

Of course when you have children, the morning after a "much needed night off" is never a gentle wake up. True to form 6.45am was wakey wakey time and with the hubby off this weekend we headed off to another National Trust beauty; Cliveden not long after.
We have a membership and so far it's been great, the kids love getting off to see new things and the children's activities are brilliant. Cliveden didn't let us down and we stayed all day, only leaving when the rain started and we were all beginning to struggle. The food was reasonably priced, clean toilets and plenty of them and not once were they bored!

The maze was fun...We did it!

A nest for squirrels just in case they find themselves homeless

Beautiful flowers

Ice creams!

Oh the outfit blurb...Gap jeans that I hacked and studded into shorts. (Done this last year and I live in them. I even have a shorts tan line)
-Topshop oversized tshirt but I've tucked it in and a Next statement necklace.
-Birkenstocks. Again these are ancient but have seen me through many summer's. I'll be honest and say I thought my birks days were over but.... well never say never!
-Bag- Primark

All in all an amazing day and Cliveden made it possible to entertain 3 kiddies on 3hrs sleep!


  1. Good to know that my Mums Nights Out aren't the only ones that end in the small hours, lol! And wow ... I wish I looked as good as you do on only 3 hours sleep!!

    1. I was exhausted! The fresh air done me the world of good!

  2. You must be superhuman! I could not do that on 3 hours keep! We recently joined NT too and we're loving it! You look fab as always, Hollie. Lynne x

    1. I sometimes wonder that myself! We're really enjoying our membership, its been well worth the money already. X

  3. It's good to remind yourself that you can still party like the kids do - but my god do we pay for it the next day!!!

    Looking good!