Saturday, 27 July 2013

Its amazing how much you can get done with 3 children on so little sleep!

Last night a few mums from my children's school had a "we made it through another year/end of term/night of freedom" get together. It's been a long time since I strolled in at 3.45 am. Yes am.
It was however brilliant and much needed! I even got to show off another fabby fearne cotton dress!
Disclaimer: the photos you are about to witness are "laid back night off mummy". Hold no grudges!

Of course when you have children, the morning after a "much needed night off" is never a gentle wake up. True to form 6.45am was wakey wakey time and with the hubby off this weekend we headed off to another National Trust beauty; Cliveden not long after.
We have a membership and so far it's been great, the kids love getting off to see new things and the children's activities are brilliant. Cliveden didn't let us down and we stayed all day, only leaving when the rain started and we were all beginning to struggle. The food was reasonably priced, clean toilets and plenty of them and not once were they bored!

The maze was fun...We did it!

A nest for squirrels just in case they find themselves homeless

Beautiful flowers

Ice creams!

Oh the outfit blurb...Gap jeans that I hacked and studded into shorts. (Done this last year and I live in them. I even have a shorts tan line)
-Topshop oversized tshirt but I've tucked it in and a Next statement necklace.
-Birkenstocks. Again these are ancient but have seen me through many summer's. I'll be honest and say I thought my birks days were over but.... well never say never!
-Bag- Primark

All in all an amazing day and Cliveden made it possible to entertain 3 kiddies on 3hrs sleep!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Topshop Leaf Jumpsuit on a beach trip!

School is out and the hubby had a day off so that was a perfect excuse for the beach in my eyes. Admittedly we are a good 2+ hour drive from the coast but we do most things on a whim, so at 1030 we set off.

We ended up in a favourite childhood holiday escape of mine West Wittering, the sand beaches are just beautiful and as the tide goes out you are left with lovely pools of warm water which is perfect for the kids.

Outfit of the day is my Topshop Leaf Jumpsuit and Topshop necklace: love! The jumpsuit is  completely sold out online but maybe try for a bargain on eBay!

The kids loved it and now the hubby purchased a wind break that he can be manly and hammer, we will have plenty more beach trips to come in the next 6 weeks!

Monday, 22 July 2013

A family wedding...

I love a good wedding and even more so when it's a family one. This weekend was my cousins turn to grow up (having children doesn't count). I won't bore you with details instead I'm sharing some pictures of what was a beautiful happy day in a unique beautiful setting.

In case you're wondering my dress is Fearne Cotton,  hubby and the girls are all in Next and the bubba boy is in m&s. My shoes are over a decade old- really.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Zara Silk Slip Dress

Outfit of the day is my Silk Zara cami dress (old stock) I love the print and it's just long enough to get away with bare legs. It would look great with strappy black heels and a blazer too!
Worn with my Florence & Fred denim biker jacket, black converse and my little aztec man that I wore yesterday: currently in the Zara sale instore at £5.99!

Take inspiration from Victoria Beckhams latest slip look yourself with these offerings below. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pretty Knickers

Is what my daughter thought of today's outfit! Mixing it up again: pretty chiffon with army camouflage.

-Shorts and top from Topshop.

-Necklace Zara

-Sandals from New Look last year, however they died this afternoon walking to the school. Shameful one footed walk commenced until I managed to fix (bodge job) them

Monday, 15 July 2013

Family Wedding Style

We have a beautiful family wedding coming up very soon and I have been busy sorting out our outfits. Easy you may think: think again. If like me you left it til the sale to grab some children's sandals, then you will understand my frustration of finding some in stock! Ooops. 

Ideas so far and of course we all have to match... All with a little help of Next, Zara, Fearne Cotton and good old eBay!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Styling Block Colour on Budget.... A Pink Skirt

After reading through some of my fave fashion blogs it occurred to me that I am more of a person who buys straight off without thinking about it and I set myself the mantra that I am going to become even more 'frugal' with how I work my wardrobe from here in. I was especially inspired by the "When the minimalist met the maximalist" article in the latest Red edition, it's worth a read. 

It has meant that I have sold a few things that I really like but I have come to the conclusion that it's pointless having multiple items.

So anyway like I have said I've spent some time looking at what it is in my wardrobe and going through what I really need and what I don't. I read a great tip on another blog (Wearing it Today) that you should look at a new item of clothing and make at least 5 outfits of it with your existing wardrobe. So here is me today wearing a block pink skirt (obviously you can go with any colour you wish) and below that is a little inspiration for you lovely girls on the looks that I can achieve with similar items to my current wardrobe whatever the weather!

Topshop Vest
H&M Skirt
Black Converse
Next Bag

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

School run outfits SJP style

SJP? Sarah Jessica Parker. Now there is a woman who effortlessly rocks the everyday look and looks as though she has jumped out the bed thrown on some clothes just like the rest of us. The only difference being that she looks stylish. 

Now who remembers the turn up jean? For a while now they have been nudging back on the radar and it's rare for SJP to go without one. In fact I don't think she ever dropped the look. If you are looking for inspiration on a new look, then SJP isn't a bad example to aspire to. Her wardrobe tends to be lots of basics with the odd statement item that actually makes the whole outfit. Not only that she is often in flats or boots, which I love as a few other celeb styles I like are often completed with heels and unless I am dressing up it just isn't going to happen!

So what should you look for to get her look? Perhaps you already have most of the list below in your wardrobe which is great, just take a look at the pics for a different way of wearing it all.

Basic T-Shirts- think stripes, print and plain. Long sleeve ones will be great to layer up. Uniqlo is a great online shop for these.
Sweatshirts- Basics colours. Short sleeve options are great for you to wear a long sleeve contrasting top underneath. Topshop and Zara have offerings...
Biker Jacket
Statement Jacket- think bold bright colours, patterned or even metallic!
Basic plain flats to go with anything
Ankle boots
Converse or a plain trainer if the Converse doesn't offer you enough support
Wedge trainer- not everyone's cup of tea and not everyone has the budget for the Ash variety but you can find much cheaper on the high street.
Jeans- go with what is flattering for your shape but I find the h&m slim leg variety good for turning up. The choice is pretty endless here.

She doesn't tend to bother with jewellery but sunglasses are a must and a cross body bag is a winner too.