Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Festival? What festival!?

It's been a while since I've uploaded a Outfit of the Day so here we go....

Seeing as the weather is warmer and Ocado delivered my new razors the legs are out! You may look at me today and wonder what festival I'm off to but alas I'm off for nothing of the sort, I'm just imagining I am.

I'm in love with my Mango parka that's currently unlined however when it's chilly I simply zip in a borg lining. Brilliant! It was a eBay find although Topshop have unlined versions instore.

The dalmation blazer peeking through is from Next, it went into the sale some time ago. I am a fan of clashing prints and this being monochrome makes it pretty versatile. Judging by the reviews its had I am not the only one who likes it!

My denim shorts are mega old gap jeans that I cut up and studded myself, the belt topshop but some time ago so check out eBay.

My vest top is a favourite of mine.... yes Topshop again! Pixie boots..... yes Topshop again. Both eBay so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain! 

A small update on the hair front, I've given up, Pixie crop booked in for Thursday evening! A reader left me a  comment a while back and I've been mulling it over ever since "why would you want to grow it to be like everyone else?" and she has a point. I've lost count of the number of people who like my hair shorter and wish they could crop their's, so why am I ignoring these lovely comments when I like to be different?


  1. Hi there! A lovely casual chic look, love those boots too!

  2. oooh you can pretend you're off to Glastonbury this weekend! Perfect festival outfit

    1. I'll pretend! Being in a tent doesn't suit me well but I can dress for the occasion!

  3. Yay - so pleased about the hair! (I think that was my comment!) Can't wait to see it! And another great outfit!!

    1. Ah it may well have been! I couldn't remember, but yep off for the chop!

      And thanks!

    2. Yeah - I posted as anonymous then I think. But definitely the right decision - the short hair just seems much more like "you"! I have always had short hair, and I think people would be shocked if I ever grew it! I have tried in the past, but ended up feeling so "wrong" it never got past jaw length!

  4. Converse and cake26 June 2013 at 21:17

    Love the outfit, perfect festival wear or a day at the par. Had been wondering whether you would cave and get the hair cut. That's what everyone said to me about looking like everyone else. However i also received lots of comments saying i looked older with it long! As i am approcahing the big 40 next year i most deffinitely didn't want to do anything that makes me look older! At least you have given it a go and i think you look lovely with short hair, really suits you.x

    1. Thanks! My face looks very different with my hair longer! X

  5. Yay, I'm so glad your cutting it off, your stunning with it cropped, can't wait to see it. Oh great outfit xx

  6. Can't believe how well you do out of ebay! Well jel! And yes, have to agree, you look so good with a crop, I have gone shorter and so can't so if it ain't broke... and all that!x

  7. You look fab! I love the blazer under the parka! Go for the chop again as there's plenty of time to grow it & it does look great on you short! Ax

    1. Thanks! Its all off now and I love it, why I tried growing I don't know! X

  8. Cute outfit - loving those boots..and your new hairdo;)

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