Sunday, 30 June 2013

The return of the Pixie Crop and the sun!

I know I said I was growing it, I know I was testing my patience, well guess what I was wrong and I'm very impatient. What's more I wish I never tried growing it and I love my hair very much right now and it's all down to my super mother who restyled it back into a crop for me! (St Albans)

It's been a great few days for me.
1- hair
2- lexi- my gorgeous super duper car
3- the sun!!

Outfit's wise...

Saturday (car day)- New Look breton, Next skirt (old season), topshop socks and Converse

Sunday- It's getting hot!  Primark camisole, gap shorts (old jeans I ripped up and studded), Next blazer (which is now in the sale under Mono Print Blazer), my zara leather bucket tote and some ancient oasis metallic wedges. I've absolutely no idea where the glasses are from as they are so old! 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Festival? What festival!?

It's been a while since I've uploaded a Outfit of the Day so here we go....

Seeing as the weather is warmer and Ocado delivered my new razors the legs are out! You may look at me today and wonder what festival I'm off to but alas I'm off for nothing of the sort, I'm just imagining I am.

I'm in love with my Mango parka that's currently unlined however when it's chilly I simply zip in a borg lining. Brilliant! It was a eBay find although Topshop have unlined versions instore.

The dalmation blazer peeking through is from Next, it went into the sale some time ago. I am a fan of clashing prints and this being monochrome makes it pretty versatile. Judging by the reviews its had I am not the only one who likes it!

My denim shorts are mega old gap jeans that I cut up and studded myself, the belt topshop but some time ago so check out eBay.

My vest top is a favourite of mine.... yes Topshop again! Pixie boots..... yes Topshop again. Both eBay so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain! 

A small update on the hair front, I've given up, Pixie crop booked in for Thursday evening! A reader left me a  comment a while back and I've been mulling it over ever since "why would you want to grow it to be like everyone else?" and she has a point. I've lost count of the number of people who like my hair shorter and wish they could crop their's, so why am I ignoring these lovely comments when I like to be different?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Part 2- "bottoms"

As promised we are moving on to the next area of the wardrobe, what you wear on the bottom half. This is a pretty simple one and some people may read this and think I don't need anywhere near as much as this and you don't. This is just a selection; go with what you feel comfortable in and what suits your style.

You may be more of a dress girl in which case that's the next instalment! So here it goes starting with jeans.

The Boyfriend- Now there is a pretty broad spectrum of what defines a boyfriend style, you can be quite loose fitted or just a bit looser than the skinny-slim style. It depends on what you are comfortable with and more importantly what suits your shape.

The boyfriend jean although it looks good with trainers, layered t-shirts and vests it isn't just about dressing down if worn with a white shirt, printed blouse, jumper and heels you have a up to date dressier look.

The best thing to do with the boyfriend style is to try lots on, I personally like the slimmer cut but yet my mens Replay jeans have been one of my best investments ever.

Then there is the skinny, not everyone likes the skinny jean but I truly believe that there is a style for everyone. I personally like the higher waist of the Topshop Jamie as they hold the mum tum well, meaning they are great silhouette when wearing layers over if crop tops aren't your thing!

Black skinny jeans or even grey should feature somewhere as not only are they slimming, they match everything.

If you are brave enough to wear! Lovely for the summer months, dress up or down well andwith brights, nudes, navys and even gold. Not only that they are back in every year!

A pop of colour! Now I myself have a couple of coloured skinny jeans but if you're not a jeans person then chinos or tapered trousers could work well for you.

With a lovely printed blouse or t-shirt, a denim jacket and jewellery you have a lovely summer look and then come winter just add a thick colourful knit and a warm parka. My River Island pink skinnys are super comfy and they are a super fit.

Print... now print can be as subtle or as in your face as you want. If you have lots of plain tops begging to be worn and you want to update your wardrobe cheaply, then take a look into print. I'm a fan of the more in your face option with brightly coloured florals or my trusty tie dye jeans here.

Leggings and harem trousers can be a good option for comfort or a tapered trouser for a more dressier occasion would look lovely with a smart shirt. You can see how I styled the floral h&m option below here.

Print doesn't have to be on trousers you can get some lovely skirts too. I like to be more daring with the colours of my tops when the print is more neutral or monochrome.

The midi skirt is my favourite right now you have no worry when folding a buggy etc! Block colour tube midi skirts look just as great with tights and ankle boots as they do sandals and trainers. If you're brave enough clash with another print, for more inspiration on a midi skirt read this blog post here!

Whilst on the subject of skirts a maxi skirt is a good alternative to the maxi dress, aimed more at the warmer times of year although I have been known to wear Primarks shiny support leggings underneath in the winter as the material doesn't cling like they do with tights! Swap the summer denim jacket for a leather biker jacket.

Keep to tighter tops rather than loose blouses, so you don't appear to drowned in fabric. For a looser jersey top tuck in at the waist. A maxi skirt sat higher on the waist (like the higher waist jean) is a good time to try a more cropped top without the worry of showing too much skin In warmer weather. I'm not talking midriffs on show gym bra senarios here just a tad more daring with a flash flesh, perhaps a looser vest.

Part 3 on Dresses coming very soon!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Part 1- "Toppings"

What woman doesn't want for a better wardrobe, most do right?  Most perhaps have a little too much unworn in their wardrobe and have skeleton outfits that have gone unworn for some time, but yet they can't part with it because " I love it too much" or "It's so pretty though..." or " I brought this when..."

Then we have the flip side and some women have too little and complain of nothing to wear. They spend time gazing at celebs in magazines or Facebook profile's hankering after a new outfit convincing themselves that it's not appropriate for them or "I wish I could wear that".

Sound familiar? Well I spent some time pondering over a capsule wardrobe recently and more importantly what my style is. I'm working on the "more importantly" part still but I am starting to find what my reasonable comfort zone is. My wardrobe which albeit is far away from sparse  is now resembling more of my personality after a large clear out, what goes unworn for a while is sold on (Not the 'special' outfits though, oh no they are far too pretty). However more often than now as quick as it's sold, it's quickly replaced as I do love a eBay bargain. So that's when I thought about a series of blog posts on a capsule starting with tops, shirts, vests etc. I will do "bottoms" next and then go on to others sub categories.

Now I know a capsule wardrobe is meant to be compact and not excessive (believe me I'm trying) and this blog post perhaps may not appear so compact, but they really are items that to some degree will slot well into most women's wardrobe. My best advice overall though is look at styles you like or celebs that you can most compare yourself with. Look at colours and shapes that suit you best and take this guide below as a guide to your own look.

So let's start. A printed blouse that's wearable with leggings or jeans- dressed up or down is a must for me. This Zara blouse is gorgeous and works well in warmer weather with white skinny jeans, pale denim jeans turned up with sandals or even with denim or khaki shorts. When the colder weather creeps back in a floral top is a nice way to brighten up darker jeans or leggings. Just add vests underneath  for warmth, boots and a warm parka or biker jacket. Perhaps even a sweatshirt over the top with cuffs poking through and a statement necklace. For a less fussy look stick to a one colour print like the Topshop one.
A white shirt is a complete classic that can be worn just as I described above for the floral shirt but would also work lovely with a leather skirt (tights in the winter), converse and a denim jacket for a different dressed down look. Or add some statement stilettos (think brights or print) and a patterned or tailored jacket for a dressier version. Next have a lovely offering that although isn't long enough to wear with leggings it's a trendy tailored take on a mans shirt or Zara have a lovely shirt without turn up cuffs.
Sticking with shirts a tartan shirt is another all year must have and with plenty of options you'll struggle to find a colourway that's not for you! Slinging a checked shirt on in the morning means you don't have to worry too much on anything else. The Next option is a lovely blue colour and the longer sleeveless shirt can look great with shiny leggings and converse if you are sick of jeans or for when it's warm go down the daisy dukes road and wear with denim shorts.
Stripes are always going to be around and I really like this take on a breton top from Next and Zara. They are floaty enough to be cool in warmer weather and perfect to layer underneath when its colder. You can't beat a breton and white jeans combo in the summer but with black leather you can give instantly make it a edgy look. A leopard print or a clashing colour like yellow looks great too!
One thing that I certainly can't be without is a animal logo top, perfect for throwing on a top and jeans day, clashing with other prints or with a leather skirt. The first one is a Topshop take on the more expensive designer option by Kenzo, but if this one is too in your face the Next option is perfect.
Now for something lace but fear not lace can be just as edgy for girls like me as it can be pretty and girly. Another versatile top to have for a smart look or casual, what better way to wear boyfriend jeans than with a girly top. Not only is this Matalan blouse very reasonable its navy so works well with anything and there is no worry of dropping spag bol down you, when feeding at the zoo commences! Brightly coloured contrast accessories would give it a great up to date look if you are wanting a more stand out look, fuschia pink is a great option.
Now this one most of you will already have, the denim shirt. I'm not a fan of the tighter fit shirts myself simply because I don't feel comfortable enough and I find the oversized variety much more wearable. This Zara option is long enough to be worn with leggings but equally looks great with blue skinnys, black skinnys, chinos or tucked into a leather skirt. Again I would also add a pop of colour with a statement necklace, scarf or shoes.
Now for a bit more pattern this blouse worn with dark skinny jeans, khaki trousers or shorts for a daytime look or add heels and a leather or denim midi skirt for a lovely dressed up outfit. This Whistles option may not be as cheap as the other items but its a great sale buy for a gorgeous shirt. For a bit less in your face the Topshop vest will work great with a black jacket, to dress it up a bit more wear it with a patterned tube skirt or bright skinny jeans.
We're lacking colour so lets change that. Whilst bright pinks are always lovely to brighten up a look, red is a great option as will work just as well in the festive season as it will with white skinny jeans or flares! One bright that I have in my own wardrobe is yellow in the neon variety. Both will look great with denim or even against black and white prints.
Metallics and glitz doesn't need to be just for nights out, if you want to quickly throw on a top and not have to think about anything else other than your bottoms choice then this top is perfect for you. Everyone needs some form of a sparkly top and worn with some tailored ankle trousers and heels you have a lovely night out outfit too.
Now for the basics, they may not always be worn but I bet you that without them there will be times you really wish you had some. Lets talk vests, not only are they brilliant for layering extra warmth in the winter, they work just as well for covering your modesty in sheer tops and are great to pair up with printed bottoms. I especially like the longer versions that cover your bum, these can be picked up very cheap in Primark and H&M. Key colours have to be white, black, khaki, nude and a bright that suits your colouring.
Don't discount a plain tshirt either. I love Topshop for those but again you can pick up some great versions in H&M and Primark. Perfect pairing for a statement necklace and boyfriend jeans or with some printed harems or trousers. The one below is from Topshop and just £10.
Lookout for the next blogs very soon, starting on 'bottoms' followed by dresses for either day or night, shoes & accessories and finishing up with jumpers, jackets and coats.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

How to wear the black boyfriend blazer.

It would appear I'm converted to the blazer this one from Next is comfortable and gives a smarter touch but in a laid back way. Make sense? Perhaps not, but it works. Take a look at my three style crushes below Fearne Cotton, Gwen Stefani and Shenae Grimes for different looks. It doesn't have to be dressed up, they work just as well dressed down.

☆The gorgeous floaty dress I'm wearing is years old and from gap. I love how versatile it is for any season alone or with bottoms.

☆The jeans again are years old and from River Island, I dip dyed the hell out of them last year.

☆Converse. My uniform shoe.


One look I really like and will be wearing sometime soon is the blazer over a maxi. Watch this space!