Monday, 13 May 2013

The Dungarees Day and Night.

I've been after one of these since my first pregnancy 8 years ago, but never got around to snapping one up. I'm not sure why but I've always had this image of a perfect bump, messy hair and glowing skin. Reality is that's not quite how us non-celebs rock a maternity look!  I was quite sad when my 3rd and last pregnancy came to an end and I never gave the Dungarees a chance, so I'm pretty happy that the dungarees is having a 'moment'. Chatting with Joanna over at Poppys Style made my decision final, she too isn't afraid to try something new and I'm sure as hell never going down the maternity wardrobe again.

The image I have of a dungarees looking hot 3 kiddies down the line is with heels, but let's remember that being a mother of 3 means little social life so I need it too be easy in the day too. True to my versatile needs I've styled it 4 ways....

Look 1-
H&M Diamant√© embellishment collar shirt and black snakeskin Next last year but similar here wedges. 

Look 2-
Peacocks (yes really!) Sequin embellished collar shirt and black snakeskin Next wedges.

Look 3-
Primark slub Jersey tshirt, converse, River Island bangles and Next sunglasses.

Look 4-
Limited Collection M&S grey and yellow stripe top and Topshop studded flats.

What about the Dungarees? Primark! I've been eyeing up a good few, River Island have a great selection but Primarks £17 against £40+ is appealing. So what do you think?


  1. I love them all, but the close up is my favorite! So pretty!

  2. I love looks 3 and 4, some great ideas xx

  3. Hollie - I love all these looks! I really do! I don't know which one I prefer. But I tell you what - your hair is rocking!

    1. Thanks Sue! The colour's grown on me and I'm finally getting more of a sweeping fringe-yay! I think I may keep these after all!
      Off for a catch up on your blog x

  4. I am actually going to eat my words from my previous 'I hate them' conversation we've had before
    I think you have totally changed my mind here .. I love every single look.

    Is it because they're a lighter denim and not a darker one? Is it because you have such a good sense of style?

    Either way you look fantastic


  5. Fiona, I completely agree with you. I think you look beyond fabulous in them - looks 1 and 3 are my favourites. Love them with the Next wedges (which are beyond amazing - are they this season?! I have to know!) and with the dressed down cons.

    I wasn't sure about them being a slightly snugger fit but I have to say I think now that that totally works. I also think they are incredibly "you" and they suit your style so so well. That and the fact you're about 10. Cowbag!!!!!!!!

    If I looked like you in them, I may well be buying them in every colour going. I think a darker pair would look as fabulous on you.

    In awe xxx

  6. Haha oh kat you are funny. I've just finished my homework so can reply....

    I was unsure too but they are not so shabby huh!

    Next wedges- last year's!

    Yours lovingly


  7. You look amazing in them & are rocking the Dungys in every pic! I love the yellow n grey M&S tshirt too! Andrea x