Thursday, 23 May 2013

My husband's shirt.

Yes really it's my husbands and yes I wore it out! What with?

-My Next skinnys but rolled up, these were last year but you can find very similar here.

-My new boots that I brought with Florence & Fred winnings, blog and details here.

-And then a jacket that no one should be without, my Topshop lightweight parka. Everyone should have something similar as it goes with so much! In fact Topshop have one very alike this instore now.

Oh and the shirt is h&m!

The scarf was brought a few months back from Rubarb in Hitchin

Why the close up? I wanted to share this lippy! I'm massively impressed at how well it lasts and how moisturising it is! Not bad for Avon at all! I got mine free in my magazine last month but it can be found here.

Necklace is River Island but sold out I'm afraid!

Similiar jackets to mine worth a look...

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