Thursday, 16 May 2013

H is for Hollie! The American oversized tshirt.

I've this tshirt. It was made for me! A bargain Primark £6 but but there are many on the high street!

The jeans are Topshop Lila, but a style no longer in store. I hunted for these for months and found them on ebay at £5.

Leather biker jackets are still a must have but with warmer (ha that's laughable) sunnier weather lighter shades are easier to blend in your summer wardrobe.

Converse. You should know by now I'm a MASSIVE fan of these. Brilliant for the school run and everything else.

Now for my hair. Again most of you are aware by now I'm growing out a crop and I'm struggling now. Today is a slightly different way to wear it. If only the corners were that bit longer. Sigh.

Pout! Mwah

One more thing... if you've not already checked out my Matalan post please do. You can vote for me by following the details at the end of my blog. Just leave a comment on the Matalan blog. Thankyou!


  1. Those jeans are fab & what a find for a fiver?! I love the colour of your lippy & your hair is looking fab atm! Im off to check out ASOS as the white T is perfect for hiding 'Mum Tum & Bum'! ;) I love the boxy shape of the arms too! Ax

    1. They are a great for that! Yes a fiver and to think I've been outbid at £20 before! Lippy is a rimmel Kate Moss one. Hair is getting there! X

  2. I've inherited my first pair of converse from my son who has grown out of them ( he now has size 7 feet at age 12) and they are spotless! I am comfy! I think you hair looks great btw - glossy and healthy.