Friday, 31 May 2013

Thankyou Florence and Fred!

I've mentioned this briefly in a post before but I am so thrilled about it that I had to say a quick thankyou on a separate post!

The lovely team over at Florence and Fred have given me a great review over on their "What Florence and Fred loves" blog.

"Are you looking for ways to wear different prints, double denim, statement necklaces or a power look to get you noticed? Then your search is over!"

Totally unexpected and I had no idea right up to them sending me the link! You can take a peek at why I'm so thrilled over here!

Khaki chinos, hot pink pumps and denim.

The sun is shining. How many times have you read that today? A lot I bet! Today we squeezed in errands, a windmill, a nice long walk and we even ended up on a film set. 

Topshop chinos these Next ones are similar. I roll mine up a bit more so they don't look so formal!
Warehouse denim shirt, old stock I'm afraid but one of my best buys!
Florence and Fred lace pumps. These seem to be out of stock now!
Primark sunglases

Oh and my new take on crazy messy hair. I had booked in to chop it back to a pixie crop but decided against it on the day.

Also a big thankyou to the Florence and Fred gal's and guy's for featuring me in their What F&F loves blog post

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I'm the Next Blogger of May!

Happy would be under statement. I'm really chuffed and so proud of myself that my blog has been noticed by a store such as Next after only a few months of diving back into the world of blogging! 

First of all thankyou to everyone that reads my blog and a big thankyou to Next and all their encouraging feedback I get! You can find my interview with Next just here! (You will need to use the desktop version of Facebook) or read on!

My top picks!

This Tiger t-shirt makes a dressed down look that bit funkier, worn with harems and flats or these monochrome wedges and skinny boyfriend jeans it's a comfy versatile top.

The cream Antik Batik Kaftan has beautiful detail to the back and will look great with jeans, layered over a slim maxi or even alone over a bikini on the beach! The long lace cover up  may look like a beach only item but again it can be worn over a slim maxi dress, bikini or with a vest underneath and jeans!

If you are a new reader then thankyou for stopping by and please do take a few minutes to mooch over my past blogs! For anyone who likes what you read here on my blog please take two seconds to nominate me for the Newcomer Blog Award in the Cosmopolitan and Next Awards here. It literally takes seconds to enter my url ( and I would be very thankful.

If you had problems launching the interview link, you can read it below also!

Congratulations to this month's Blogger of the Month, Hollie from the blog Mummy, Wife and Chaos! Check out her interview below to learn about her blog and of course her top blogging tips!

1.When did you start blogging and what encourage you?
I originally started blogging when my son was younger for a pushchair company, that led to a great job so the blogging stopped. I'm now back at home and my friend was nagging me to start blogging again, so I did! That was back in February this year and I'm really enjoying it. All the positive comments from family, friends and online readers spurs me on.

2. Who is your blog-spiration, what blogs do you read for inspiration?
I guess my blog-spiration comes from a group of fellow fashion bloggers who I look to for advice and support. They are all on my blog roll.
Blogs that I find inspiration in and enjoy reading include and in particular. Although american their style is most like mine.

3. You have previous written great posts featuring Next products, will you be shopping at Next more?
Oh yes, there's lots more to come yet! I find that things I pick in Next are often my staple items that I mix up with lots of looks, they don't date either. My wardrobe is mostly Next and Topshop so keep your eyes peeled for more! 

4. Who is your style icon?
It has to be Gwen Stefani for my daytime looks, she's not afraid to mix up styles and has the edgy look that I love. 
For evening looks it has to be Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, they oooze glamour which on a nightout is a must!

5. What is your top tip for other bloggers?
I have so many, but I guess patience. If you work hard your blog will get noticed. Be true to yourself too!

6. Where do you go to write your blog?
Everywhere and anywhere! Literally the whole blog is done with my phone. From the pictures snapped by my eldest daughter to the publishing of a post. You'll know when I'm busy out and about as the posts are shorter!

7. If you could blog from anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Tough one! If it's my husband and I alone its got to be either Rome or Venice as Italy is simply beautiful and so special to us. However if my kiddies were along for the ride it would have to be back in Disney as I am a big kid at heart! 
I am constantly on the go and struggle to relax so a beach far away wouldn't be very entertaining for me!

8. I am not just a blogger I’m also...
A wife and mummy! The title of my blog makes that obvious I guess but I have three children aged 7, 5 and 3 to keep up with.

9. What are your top five favourite items from Next this season?
Ooh hard to choose just 5!

10. What is your blogging soundtrack?
Because I'm always on the go I don't really sit and listen to music, but my children and I love a good boogey and sing along to Rudimental- Waiting all night and right now I'm in love with Daft Punk feat Pharrell Williams new song Get Lucky. Its fab!

11. Do you have a secret talent, if so, tell us?
It was writing until this blog was born! I've always loved writing. Other than that I was a hairdresser at Toni and Guy pre-children and I'm not to shabby at cooking!

12. I have noticed you also write about beauty – do you prefer writing about fashion or beauty?
I prefer fashion as quite frankly my beauty regime is laughable! However I love make up, especially bright lipsticks. My Mum used to tell me when I was younger to never leave the house without lipstick. I used to think she was crackers but now I've three of my own to chase after I can't leave the house without it alongside my sunglasses. As long as I have those and my clothes I'm a happy girl and feel I can take on the world. 

13. We are slowly reaching Summer (YAY) What is your favourite summer look? 
Hurry up summer! 
For me it's going to be mostly printed trouserd and midi skirts worn with colour block tops, statement necklaces and gorgeous sandals. I love maxi dresses and skirts but chasing after three bike's in them isn't such fun! Oh and a bright cross body bag!

Monday, 27 May 2013

How to wear the printed pleated midi skirt-5 ways!

Everyone is talking midis and this Topshop one was a total bargain of £5 on ebay! Midi's are great to dress up and down and here is a peek at how... (with my latest recruit Mia- my dad's lab!)

Topshop, Midi Skirt (similar)
Topshop, Ribbed Vest
Florence & Fred, Denim Biker Jacket which you can also see here and here
Ever Ours, Statement Necklace that I found thanks to the lovely Sera

Fancy a dressier look? Then check out this Neon Florence and Fred Sheer Vest. Its £10 so very reasonable and bang on trend! Worn with some killer heels or even just pumps and of course with a statement necklace this one being Primark....

For another day look to wear with either Converse, pumps or ankle boots a logo or pictured top works well. The great thing with this skirt being lovely and floaty is it can be worn with or without tights. The top below is Topshop and the necklace New Look.

Next up can be dressed up with heels or down with flats. Perhaps not for everyone but I'm a lover of clashing prints. This beautiful top is Topshop (you can probably see a trend forming here!) With a red bag and a black biker jacket this will be a really cute look!

Last up another day outfit and keeping a bit more simple but letting the colour stand out. This jumper was brought in the online h&m sale at just £2! The necklace is Topshop and again you can be versatile with pumps, converse or ankle boots.

So there you have it 5 ways to wear a pleated midi!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Growing a pixie crop- photo collage!

So I'm a few months in now and chomping at the bit to lop off my hair back to a crop, but I'm hanging in there- just about anyway. The sides are the hardest bit for me, as until they grow down, once you get to the stage where you can tuck behind the ears everything gets easier. I tend to keep at the nape of the neck trimmed so I can have some style in place as it grows and you don't get that mullet effect going on!

What disturbed me when I was looking through photos to use for this blog was the fact that I have been in this same hair battle for the last 6 plus years! That's ridiculous. I can see how this has happened though, I glaze over the photos of "bad crop" and only see the "good crop". I do the exact opposite with my longer hair to give in to myself. I've got to prove to myself that I can do this, even more so to my husband. I can be patient, I have to. 

So anyway I figured I would do a quick pic update on how I'm coping, that can maybe either inspire a new style for someone or help someone carry on growing too!

A few essential must haves- hair grips, alice bands, headbands, scarves and products that keep it from flopping and looking flat! Failing that a hat!

Only about 8 inches to go...... (rolls eyes)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My husband's shirt.

Yes really it's my husbands and yes I wore it out! What with?

-My Next skinnys but rolled up, these were last year but you can find very similar here.

-My new boots that I brought with Florence & Fred winnings, blog and details here.

-And then a jacket that no one should be without, my Topshop lightweight parka. Everyone should have something similar as it goes with so much! In fact Topshop have one very alike this instore now.

Oh and the shirt is h&m!

The scarf was brought a few months back from Rubarb in Hitchin

Why the close up? I wanted to share this lippy! I'm massively impressed at how well it lasts and how moisturising it is! Not bad for Avon at all! I got mine free in my magazine last month but it can be found here.

Necklace is River Island but sold out I'm afraid!

Similiar jackets to mine worth a look...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Printed Next Harems and a Denim Biker

Just a quick one today....

Comfortable Harems that can be found now in the Next online sale for £10!

A sweater rather than a tshirt to keep up with the now chilly weather. Mine is Topshop but you can find similar also in Next

Converse.... naturally. Great for all the extra walking I'm doing especially as I'm now carless!

The Denim Biker found from Florence and Fred, I blogged about here and here

The scarf is a buy from Rubarb I in Hitchin a few months back and the bag is Nica @ Topshop.  I love the duffle style of this, its surprisingly roomy and the across the body strap is very handy!

The necklace was a £3 buy from New Look a while back in the sale, its now sold out but this is a lovely option from Next.

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Great Getaway

This weekend has been all about my mum, sister's and I. It's been a lifetime since we were last together with it only being just us . I've escaped from home and left the husband at the helm of our chaotic ship.

The four of us shopped, ate naughty food, chilled, visited Bakewell in the peak district two mins from my sister's doorstep and got a viewing of the Great Gatsby in too (found a new hairstyle).

My Next Leopard Blazer got another trip out as did my new satchel and the Next disco pants were back out with my new Denim Biker.

First outfit- Next blazer, River Island dress, Primark neclace.

Second outfit- Florence and Fred biker, Primark layers, topshop necklace,  next leggings, zara bag and converse. 

Short and sweet as at the time of typing I've got some reading to do before a Carvery! 

Friday, 17 May 2013

I won! Florence and Fred by Tesco Haul.

You may or not be aware that Clothing at Tesco- Florence and Fred- held a 7 days of summer competition. For 7 day's they set a look ie; Florals, Prints, Accessories etc. Winners picked from Twitter, Facebook and What I Wore Today would win a £75 voucher and there is to be a grand prize of £500 win for some lucky fashionista which is open to everyone that entered. I was super happy to have won the Facebook Sixties look with one of my favourite photo's. 

So what did I spend my voucher on? As it goes- a lot! I've been searching for this Denim Biker Jacket for ages so I snapped it up when I found it online! I love it. The picture online doesn't do it justice! 

These Snakeskin Trousers are in the sale and true to the reviews they are super comfortable! Top and necklace are Primark. 

Next up is these two beautiful shoes! Again I have been hunting for some boots just like these to wear with everything but dresses and skirts in particular. The Pink Lace Pumps are adorable and will be great to add a pop of colour to any outfit!

Last up is a bright coloured Satchel perfect for yet more colour and for me chasing the three kids on bikes! The Floral Jeans were first brought to my attention via the lovely Fiona so I took the plunge on these too, they appear more tie dye than Floral but cute all the same!

So not bad huh? A happy me! Wondering what my winning photo was?