Friday, 5 April 2013

St Micheals Mount, Cornwall

Yesterday's trip was to the beautiful St Michaels Mount that has housed the St Aubyn family since 1647 in the quaint town of Marazion. We ventured here a couple of year's back but never made it up to the house, so this time we did! When the tide is in you have a boat trip so that was adventure number one for the children.

The views are stunning and the house is beautifully steeped in history. It's a fair walk up on pretty uneven ground but its well worth it,  some stones are showing the wear off the many many visits the mount has had over the centuries.

There was a quiz on for the children which they completed on their journey around and received a sold gold plastic medal!

If you think the view from outside is stunning looking out offers some spectacular photo opportunities and the worn away stone in my favourite spots only suggest that these have always been favoured. What I particularly liked was seeing recent photographs of the family that live there.

The mount also houses a beautiful church.

Among the many portraits that hang  is that of Dolly, the last Cornish speaker  born in 1777 and died at the grand age of 102!

The tide wasn't quite out enough for us to walk back but it was out enough for us to capture another photo like the time before with the mount in the background.

Not only did we have a beautiful trip that entertained the children we finally signed up to become members of the National Trust.  We will be sure to get plenty of use from it, today's visit to Glendurgan Gardens just for starters.

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