Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Baseball Caps for a Mum on the run?

My cap hunt is much more than me wanting to be Rhianna's best friend, its about actual needs and I really need one.

My thinking is it's the perfect accessory for growing my hair down and even better I can hide my "winnie witch" morning hair do. That's the only downside to short hair, I wash it everyday. Before you throw your cans of Batiste Dry Shampoo my way you'll have to take my word for it when I say it's a rare day I can get away with just that.

My issue is though that there is a thin line to cross for me on a cap without looking like a teenager. Not only that how often do you see celeb's wearing caps with their flowing locks escaping? Exactly. This of course brings me the worry of looking like a boy two celebs that spring to mind rocking a cap with short hair are Halle Berry and VB and they look pretty good no?

Whilst out shopping (pre car breakdown) I found two I really quite liked and I've done some sneaky shots which I probably shouldn't share (I feel a plonker) but what's the point of writing this blog without sharing the beginnings of the search. eekk

Edited to add. Peak tweak needs to happen. I can't do the Straight Peak too much. I need some curves somewhere on my body!

I do love the Chicago one but my current thinking is go for a plain cheapy amazon offering to see how foolish I feel. If it's at a pretty low level of foolishness shall invest further...


  1. I prefer the plain ones that Halle & VB are wearing! So the last one you are wearing is my fav! Also go for a flatter style one so its not so high on your head if you know what I mean?! The high trucker style just reminds me of Kevin n Perry!! LOL! Why dont u get a Fedora?! You would so rock that & it would go with everything!! Ax

  2. Yes I prefer those too. Often thought of the fedora hat but not sure if I could rock it.... hmm x

    1. I think it would be perfect on you!! Especially for Spring n Summer & it'll go with almost everything from jeans n tees to summer dresses! Have a go & post a pic! I need a new straw coloured summer hat but I need something big to shield from the sun here! Ax

    2. I will have a lookout and Keep you informed! X

  3. Hey, I like the plain ones too.
    Just checked your blog for first time, have seen you on A57, great style you have.

    And here is your sister in the short hair dept, I have to wash every day too. I do love hats and caps too to cover the "bush" that is my hair in the mornings!

    Looking forward to checking in again

    Siobhan x